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Thread: Century Smash

Started by: TC_LappensTC_Lappens

Jiggs = uthrow ground enemies, pound side and top platform enemies. She can even sub 1:40 but I couldnt finish it properly,so the horrible 1:54 still stands today =/
Falco = dash attack and nair
G&W = dash, dtilt ground, nair side platform, nair/up air top platform


Forum: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Thread: Auto Splitter for Live Split?

Started by: SWSW

Does anyone know if it works for ultimate as well and how to set it up ? I'm getting sick of splitting manually =(


Forum: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Thread: Olimar Nerfed in Update 2.0.0?

Started by: DedigitizedDedigitized

I think ganon still has any chance to match the current time. I had 2 deaths with olimar. Also my light time is faster with ganon, and that was with the very old strat with only one addidtional spirit.

I hope way more people would give it an actual try!


Forum: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Thread: Strategies for World of Light

Started by: buckethead222buckethead222

for now, Olimar is the best character to use. spirits are medusa (demon style) with 2x attack+ secondaries. I used mallow and ditto. If you only aim for light realm, Ganon is around the same speed as Olimar.


Forum: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Thread: New Categories

Started by: BattleMasterBattleMaster

quick question:
is there any agreement to add a world of light until galeem only? I personally would love to see it because it may give more people some motivation to actually give it a try. what do you guys think ?

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Forum: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Thread: Solomar%?

Started by: TheDapperWaffleTheDapperWaffle

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you could add the time to finish the bonus stage afap with every char

or how fast you can clear all char's century smash