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Thread: Moderation Elections Feedback

Started by: DrazerkDrazerk

Seconding Daj, Hyper, and Timmi here. I am not very happy that all 3 of the new KH2 mods came from the same "circle" of people within the community. From what I saw they are the most prominent runners right now and just tweeted out the election and a ton of people voted for those 3 because of it. That's not to say they won't do a good job, and that they didn't win fairly in a democratic election, but as Daj said, it came down to a popularity contest. I agree that in the future people should only be allowed one vote to hopefully mitigate this and give other people a fighting chance.

Also, as Hyper said, I would like to see each person up for election release a statement on why they think they would be a good leaderboard mod and what their qualifications are and ability to commit time to it. This would give people nominating and voting a better idea of who they are voting for and would hopefully help people choose the best person for the job instead of just voting for their friends/popular people/people they've heard of.

I also think there needs to be some brainstorming on how to mitigate the amount of people voting who are not allowed to vote. Not really sure how to do this personally and obviously this time we needed to get new mods in place so this made the most sense, but from what I heard, the number of people who either can't read, chose not to read, or just don't care, was staggering.

All that being said, I think this was a relatively successful first go around at this process. I wish all the new mods the best of luck and hopefully we can all continue to improve on this in the future.

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Thread: Kingdom Hearts III IGT

Started by: neraigoneraigo

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I did my first run last night on my PS4 Pro with the stock HDD. RTA was 4:26:20, I skipped cutscenes at the end cause I knew we are thinking about using IGT. IGT was 3:52:04. Difference of 34:16

As for my personal take on the matter, I would love if IGT was viable so we can essentially eliminate the console and hard drive differences.

I think the best way to go about it for now is to have runners submit both RTA and IGT to the leaderboards once they open up. Instruct in the rules for players to skip the final cutscenes and check the IGT to be submitted. We can then gather data using the leaderboards to see how accurate IGT really is. This will be especially helpful when you get subsequent runs from the same runner to see if the difference between RTA and IGT are the same, or at least very similar, consistently.


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Thread: Changing Timing to character select

Started by: Wyattw8Wyattw8

I don't run BBS, so I don't have much stake in this but I figured I'd chime in. I agree with Hobz in this case, I think it makes sense for all KH games to have the same start timing. Starting the timer after selecting New Game and confirming settings makes the most sense to me. This selection and the chime with the title screen fade out signifies the start of the game and it makes the most sense to me to start the timer there.