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Forum: Disney's Aladdin (GBA)

Thread: transition

Started by: zero_557zero_557

I tested the original european cadridge on an original gameboy advance sp and it did not have faster transitions like when using certain Emulators or Settings to bypass the original Bios. If you say it is different ill have to ask you for a proof to that.


Forum: Tetris (NES)

Thread: TetriSplit: A LiveSplit Tetris AutoSplitter

Started by: sdmxsdmx

Just adding that this one also starts the timer on transition to gamemode 04 which is after level select. So still add that -0.1 if you use it 🙂 Connecting it with a requirement of Button Press during Gamemode 03 is not possible here sadly.


Forum: Tetris (NES)

Thread: TetriSplit: A LiveSplit Tetris AutoSplitter

Started by: sdmxsdmx

I just happened to make my own Autosplitter for this today including a way to split the 300k Points into 10k segments to split. The Result can be found here: https:/​/​github.​com/​RyuTechDE/​RyuTech . I kept it way simpler to not bloat the Splitter since you only use it for 100 Lines and 300k anyway.


Forum: Battletoads (NES)

Thread: Autosplitter

Started by: Bro.D.MaxBro.D.Max

Hey Bro.D.Max is there a good way to contact you about Autosplitters? There is some Autosplitters for Emulators id love to see but its so hard to find anyone who can make them. Your Twitter also seems abandoned so i dont know how to reach out to you.


Forum: Tetris (NES)

Thread: Glitch for starting with a tetris

Started by: StarwiseStarwise

If theres preperation needed there can not be a fair leaderboard for both glitched and vanilla runs. So the only possible choice to keep it fair woule be to either add the preperation time to the completion time or add a new leaderboard where the glitch is allowed. It's a bit like a newgame+ situation where you get an advantage by doing something with the game before the run starts. Please use it since glitches are fun but also please keep it fair.


Forum: Disney's Aladdin (SNES)

Thread: Is there an autosplit available for this game?

Started by: ghostpantsghostpants Thats the Aladdin Speedrunner Discord. Be quick with getting there its only a 1-day link.

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Forum: Disney's Aladdin (SNES)

Thread: Is there an autosplit available for this game?

Started by: ghostpantsghostpants

i remember asking feed4fame to make one about a year ago but he didnt end up doing it. It shouldnt be too much of an effort if you know what you do. But i would not know what to do ❤️

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Forum: Celeste

Thread: Inactive moderators and the legitimacy of their position

Started by: OddBodOddBod

I might get a lot of hate for this but arent there more important things to rage about than one moderator whos been busy on src? Every run submitted gets approved in a timeframe of 3hours to 5days which is completely fine. The recent discussions about newly found glitches were worked on and the categories altered to the current state of the speedrun. Its nice that the community grows larger and theres more passion about everything than usual but we should rly take a step back if its about insulting people of inactivity or any other way. Sure it might be true he might be slacking but we live in a time where one post can draw a LOT of hate and discussion with it. Just try to consider that in your decision making when posting on the internet. Thanks.

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Forum: Celeste

Thread: Proposed category and rule changes

Started by: OddBodOddBod

A tournament usually has stages so just wait till the next stage of the tournament is about to start and add the rulechange there. that will be a clean cut and spice up the later matches after the group stage.


Forum: Celeste

Thread: This isn't canon, is it? (Any%)

Started by: revolucionrevolucion

How about "Get to the credits from a fresh file without using Cheats" like any any% category works. Just Assist mode should be excluded too since theres already Assist% so Any% no assist-mode would be the right wording for the category title.


Forum: Tetris (NES)

Thread: NES Classic (hakchi)

Started by: forsquirelforsquirel

We will at some time reach the point where emulation will be the only affordable way to access older game titles. Maybe not within the next 10 years still but it will come eventually. Its fine to argument that its not accurate emulation but if someone wants to compete with such a system they should be able to. Just open up a new leaderboard for emulation if the differences are too big.


Forum: Celeste

Thread: pico-8 category?

Started by: bertraxbertrax

agreed. add it. we have already a bunch of miscellaneos categories. one more wont hurt.


Forum: Celeste

Thread: Game clock running slow

Started by: Pi_Pi_

I suggest you try to change celeste to window mode in 3x size and make sure your obs settings are 720p with 30 fps in cpu mode rather than gpu. I had a lot of issues with a slow stuttering gameplay myself and that fixed it. you can use the borderless window software which is on sale on humble bundle for 99 cents to force it into fullscreen either way but the game will run and record smoothly.


Forum: Disney's Aladdin (SNES)

Thread: GBA Differences

Started by: RyuTechRyuTech

Can you guys make an extra leaderboard for the Gameboy Advance Version of the Game?

There are actually many differences between the two versions.
Besides having less lags and faster animations there are 5 additional stages exclusively added to the GBA Version of the game which makes the game about 5 minutes slower.


Forum: North American Speedrunner Assembly 2016

Thread: NASA 2016

Started by: NaegleriaNaegleria

The German GDQ Restream might be interested in commenting the event in german for our audience. We'd need the date of the event though and of course your permission to do that.

Greetings RyuTech for GermenchLive

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Forum: ESA 2015

Thread: Donation Incentives!

Started by: bangerrabangerra

Hey its RyuTech, Leader of GermenchLive (Restream of ESA right now).

We are working on a musical journey through all the games played on ESA this year to show that after the event,

Is it possible to add the Music% as a bigger Incentive Goal so not just the german but all viewers can see the Music% Live on Stream on the EuropeanSpeedsterAssembly Channel?

The Video is currently not ready yet but it will be ready to play at the end of the event.