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Thread: Pause during loading level

Started by: SuperTetrisMan3aXaPSuperTetrisMan3aXaP

I didn't understand the last two messages but the answer to the original question is: currently, no. Pausing and unpausing a timer cannot be precise, you can lose or gain seconds which is unfair. I understand your point that your laptop is weak, but I cannot change the rules for one person. Sadly I'm not a programmer and I can't make a load time removal for LiveSplit for this game but if you or anybody can do it, I will give it a try.

General rules of speedrunning: If the leaderboard rules not saying otherwise, we use RTA timing. I'll fix this one, but until we don't have any kind of plugin that removes times automatically, we're going to use that method. Sorry for the late answer, but I'm currently on holiday.

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Thread: New category idea

Started by: mczolly92mczolly92

I see your point and it's really acceptable. It has more challenge and you actually complete the first part or actually the only part of the "story". Completing 3 random matches is not really trackable, but this makes sense. Hope it'll get accepted...


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Thread: Level Leaderboard

Started by: SharkGangSharkGang

Added! Any% and 100% both playable now in Individual Levels.

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Thread: Submit ideas for new categories

Started by: VegaytoVegayto

I'm really interested in Towers%, but it should be on the Level Leaderboard or sub-categories at least. Doing all the Towers is kinda impossible since 2K will add more of 'em. For example The Million Dollar Challenge is not in the game. I know it'll take a decent amount of time to do all this stuff, but this is the great speedcategory, cause you can't choose wrestlers or change the difficulty in any meaning. Wish you guys luck!


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Thread: Leaderboards moderation requests thread

Started by: GyooGyoo

I'd like to mod an old gem called Neighbours from hell ( ) but FedePG is inactive for a month. However I reached the another mod Mugg1991 on Twitter but he couldn't add me, so I'd like to ask the admins around here to do it, if it's possible.

P.S. I don' t have a pending run right now, the reason I need a mod in this game is to clarify the rules NOT changing them and a fellow speedrunner on contacted me on Discord that he beat my WR but he's still waiting and since I saw the whole run, I'd like to verify it.