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Thread: Request leaderboard moderation (Read the first post before posting!)

Started by: lewisandsparklewisandspark

Hey, my Trip World run has been awaiting verification for over a month now, and the only current active runner I know of is Rioyner. Can we make him a mod of the game?


Forum: CTGP Revolution

Thread: Random Tracks question

Started by: zir0niczir0nic

When you go to mystuff settings, choose "No Replaced Tracks" and nintendo tracks are still allowed


Forum: CTGP Revolution

Thread: 32 Random Track Speedruns

Started by: RoxRox

Me, as well as a few others, have done runs of 32 Random CTGP Tracks. Rules would be:

- Hard CPU
- 150cc
- Choose
- Whatever Items You Want
- All Vehicles
- 32 Races
Not sure if I'm forgetting any

You have to use the randomizer to choose every track, only can be randomized once between races. The "random" in settings isn't truly random, as depending on your cup layout you can easily manipulate the RNG to give you the same short tracks no matter what. All 248 CTGP Tracks, not including the hidden Star Slope and N64 Rainbow Road MUST BE inside of your cup layout. Item Rain off, 200cc off, no alteration to TCs, etc. etc.

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Forum: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Thread: Any ALttP questions? Post them here!

Started by: AndyAndy

Hey so I was just looking through the site like I do when I'm bored which happens often, and I noticed that WQ's WR isn't on the leaderboards, which is a problem because Xelna no longer has WR, and WQ isn't 2nd place. If his super outdated 2nd place run is on the site, as well as all of his other runs on the site, why isn't his WR? There is absolutely no reason at all whatsoever for someone's legitimate time to not be on the leaderboards, and most new people who dont know this coming to the site will think that Xelna's pb is still WR, which it is not. Please fix this.

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Forum: CTGP Revolution

Thread: The 250

Started by: RoxRox

Hey, so I recently completed the 250, which is all 216 and the 2 bonus tracks in CTGP as well as the 32 in vanilla MKW. Could we possibly create a leaderboard for this? A few more people are already saying that they are planning on doing one as well, and there could be some competition here.


Forum: Tournaments and Races

Thread: Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land - Any% Tournament

Started by: RoxRox

Hey all, there is another Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land Any% tournament being hosted on SpeedGaming this year. If you've ran this game before, or even if you haven't, do consider it! Please read the entire tournament description, including the embedded pastebin, so nothing takes you by surprise.

Registration is at https://challonge.com/knidlany2019

If you need further convincing look no further: check out this hype video:

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Thread: Notifications?

Started by: RoxRox

Hey, a few days ago my notification bell stopped giving me notifications for some reason. I didn't do anything differently, but it's just not working. I know because the front page says there have been new runs and even wrs for the games that I follow. Does anybody know how i can fix this?

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Thread: High Scores - what shall we do?

Started by: PacPac

Just an observation, but if you go to highscores.com right now the site is almost $100,000 to buy. If it wasn't that expensive then I would go for that option, but trying to get option 3 from the owner of highscore.com is probably the best option.

The next option I would go for is making a new site with a new name. Something along the lines of gamescores.com or vgscores.com or something like that. You would have to start from scratch, but it could be the same layout and all that as speedrun.com but for high scores.

The next option I would go with is adding it on speedrun.com. Just because it isn't a top option doesn't mean it's a bad option, because even though the name doesn't make sense, who cares. This site is for leaderboards for speedruns, so you can incorporate leaderboards for high scores with relative ease.

The worst option I would say is trying to improve highscore.com. If the owner isn't letting you buy the site, he probably won't let you help him out, but hey who knows.

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Forum: Super Mario

Thread: Can we fix this

Started by: RoxRox

Here's a thing I just noticed: Super Mario Advance 2: SMW is listed chronologically before Super Mario Advance 1: SMB2, because it says SMA2 was released on 1/1/03 while SMA1 was released on 3/21/03 or something like that. Can we fix this?


Forum: Donkey Kong

Thread: DKC leaderboards

Started by: RoxRox

Ok, so as we all know, the DKC series is not on this website, and I really think that needs to happen, as I highly prefer this site over the leaderboards that currently have the DKC records. Will the leaderboards ever be placed here?


Forum: The Site

Thread: Active Runners

Started by: RoxRox

Just curios: What makes somebody an "Active Runner?" Are they someone who has ran the game within the past month or so, or somebody who is online right now?


Forum: Super Mario 64

Thread: OpenEmu is now allowed for submissions

Started by: GothicLogicGothicLogic

I think if OpenEmu is allowed, Mupen64Plus should be allowed, because OpenEmu uses a Mupen64Plus core.

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Forum: Super Mario Bros.

Thread: Warpless Tournament (January 2018)

Started by: roopert83roopert83

Will the tournament be restreamed on the SpeedGaming series of twitch channels? If not, I could get it to be by talking to some of the admins of those channels.

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Forum: Super Mario Odyssey

Thread: Routes

Started by: RoxRox

I think we should have a place where people could go to find the routes of each category. Now, nowhere on this page can you find the optimal moon-by-moon routes, of any category. The only exception is the Dark Side route found in the Guides section, but that doesn't list moon by moon info that is useful in the middle of a run. Dark Side Route: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cSOz3HDvzj4pPQm1l3Tz-T6kUz-iWNYOMZtIG-dnjrU/edit

If anybody has any routes, link them to me in this forum, and I'll create one giant doc with every single optimal route out there. I'm looking for routes like Spike's All Mission route, where there is a list of what you need to get, and is easy to use while in a run. All Missions route: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cSOz3HDvzj4pPQm1l3Tz-T6kUz-iWNYOMZtIG-dnjrU/edit

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Forum: Super Mario Bros.

Thread: 8-1 FPG Setup is Found

Started by: CelebrityMartyrCelebrityMartyr

that won't save any time, because in 8-1, if you slow down even the slightest bit, you will lose the framerule. Doing FPG would just negate the framerule that you lose by slowing down that little bit in the set up. Nice find though.

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Forum: Super Mario Bros.

Thread: Best controller for emu

Started by: cornycowscornycows

I prefer keyboard over anything. I've tried Xbox controller, but it's really hard to do backward jumps with the giant d-pad.


Forum: Super Mario Bros.

Thread: someone did it, but it's suspicious...

Started by: BluemlittlemBluemlittlem

Why was the 5 flat rejected?


Forum: Super Mario Bros.

Thread: someone did it, but it's suspicious...

Started by: BluemlittlemBluemlittlem

Anti screenshotted some fake attempts, can you explain that? @Keys


Forum: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Thread: Run Timing/SDA

Started by: RoxRox

I was looking around this leaderboard, and also on Speed Demos Archive, and noticed that the SDA run is a 2:38:01 done by 0xwas, which destroys the World Record, and his Personal Best. I'm wondering what the difference between the power on timing we have here and what the SDA timing is, because there's only like a minute between player control and power on.