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Thread: New category idea: floor is lava% ?

Started by: QuaccAttaccQuaccAttacc

Grabbing a berry doesn't mean you can't touch the ground, heck you can do an extended hyper with a berry and not lose it. Also groundless is a thing, but I don't think anybody routed it out completely.


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Thread: Minimum Jumps Category

Started by: MilkyrosMilkyros

Hello it is I, Roofon, arbiter of the worst category in Celeste: minimum jumps. As someone who has tased true jumpless (ie counting all uses of the jump), and done a lot of work on the category, I wouldn't really recommend it as an actual category. Not only is it mildly fuzzy since you do, in this case, use 3 ground jumps (if you wanted to do min jumps you would currently have to jump 60 times), but it's also just not a great category. As mentioned already a large majority of the category is a lot of dashing. While I would say assist mode is much the same, that at least has some interest on its own. If you do choose to run it feel free and have fun doing it. In regards to other categories they have been mapped out by other people at this point, but I wasn't particularly involved with that. There is a spreadsheet for minimum ground jumps though so that could be helpful for setting up rules if needed. Overall, I feel this category wouldn't attract many players, so dedicating a whole new category seems a little unnecessary.


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Thread: Low Jump Catagory?

Started by: L3r0yJenkinsL3r0yJenkins

If you want to join in with helping you can message the discord name in the speradsheet for an invite to the celeste challenges discord.


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Thread: pico-8 category?

Started by: bertraxbertrax

Celeste pico 8 has been on longer than celeste has

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Thread: Possible additional categories

Started by: LaPingvinoLaPingvino

Low theo%. unoptimized but I have a video on it
Would change some rules though. To make things official. Theo movements are only by the player. So a seeker can knock theo out and it doesn't count. Any other use of Theo is noted.