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Thread: New Timing Rules as of July 10th, 2020

Started by: RonaldRonald

We recently had a discussion in our discord about the timing for this game and came to the conclusion that as of July 10th, 2020 we're using a different timing method. Timing starts at selecting 1-1 and will now end on closing kamek's textbox in the final level instead of the final bowser hit. This was chosen as you haven't beaten the game yet with the original timing that was chosen long before we came around and you could still technically die. We felt that it's not an appriopiate place to end the run. We've carefully looked at our other options and went with the last input before the credits for multiple reasons. The other method we considered was to end at the results screen but after a lot of consideration we came to the conclusion last input made more sense along with it being easier to time for the leaderboards. It's also in line with the original Yoshi's Island timing which is a nice bonus.

This means that from July 10th 2020 onwards runs will now end at the last kamek textbox after having beat the boss. Any runs that were done prior to this will receive a 28 second time penalty to make up the difference. Unfortunately not a nice solution but we figured this was the best way to go about it. Vods would end before the new timing ends, vods that did include this part of the game wouldn't at all rush to this point and we don't know what happened in runs without video. Therefore we thought a time penalty of 28 seconds would make the most sense. I hope you understand we took this decision with the best in mind for the community and it's future. Over the next week we'll slowly update the leaderboards to reflect the new timing rules.

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Thread: Discord?

Started by: RonaldRonald

Even if a discord won't see much activity it would be nice to just have a place for sharing stuff but I think that's fair. Was considering setting one up for myself and a few friends that have been interested in picking the game up to easily store info.

@Acid_RainAcid_Rain One thing I would like to share with you specifically I might aswell do here is that you mention the birdo in 1-1 to be RNG in the description of your 1-1 IL but it's actually not. I'm not sure if you knew this or learned about this at a later point but birdo works on a global timer like pretty much everything else in the game that starts when you boot up the game. It counts to 255 and then goes back to 0. So if you were to softreset, enter the file at a specific time and play 1-1 very consistently you could manip birdo to spit out an egg the moment you enter the fight. 🙂 Haven't figured out what determines what red birdo spits out tho 😕


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Thread: Discord?

Started by: RonaldRonald

Is there a discord for this game? If not I think it would be a nice idea. There's very little info on this game out there so it'd be nice to talk to other runners.


Forum: Super Mario Advance: Super Mario Bros. 2

Thread: Warpless?

Started by: Madtaz64Madtaz64

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Same. I'm most likely gonna try to get into this game and I'm curious too why Warpless isn't a catagory on the leaderboards. Would like to give that a shot ^^

And also... Shouldn't there be a catagory for all ace coins? Seems a bit weird not to have one since that's one of the key differences between the original and the advance port.


Forum: Super Mario 64

Thread: New Categories?

Started by: LucoLuco

Was genuinely happy to see 31/45star back for a day but I'm confused as to why they were removed again? I think they are interesting catagories and kinda sad to see them removed again.

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