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Forum: SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom

Thread: Repeated Violators of the Rules

Started by: RingoTongoRingoTongo

On account of previous players/users who have submitted runs that violate the stated rules of the leaderboards, moderators reserve the right to blacklist specific players who have intentionally violated the rules several times. As of March 2, 2017, this has unfortunately happened several times, but this rule will not affect the significant majority of people running/interested in legitimately running the game.

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Forum: Pac-Man World

Thread: Disc Eject

Started by: Joester98Joester98

Personally, I believe that the disc eject strat should be allowed up until a certain threshold in any% and all all levels. When your time is competitive and relevant, however, I think that it would be best for there to be a cutoff where you are required to do the more difficult clipping tricks for gate and dtt. An alternate solution could be to add a "Disc Eject?" Option while submitting a run, so people can see if you exploited a certain thing in the game or not. Removing disc eject will allow people who have pstv to have an advantage over most of the other people who could potentially run the game, such as ps, ps2 and emu. The most common and accessible platform for most people is a ps2, which would put the majority at a disadvantage if disc eject were to become a banned exploit. More people would become affected by ps2 not being able to disc eject compared to pstv people NOT being able to disc eject. The potential upcoming runners could use the newly found clips for gate and dtt if they were to run on it. Their loads would balance out with ps2 being able to use disc eject.

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