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Forum: Ape Escape 2

Thread: Favourite levels

Started by: JackNeumanJackNeuman

ETM that just throws you into a brawl with 7 monkeys. Something about that feels adventurous.
There's a lot of stuff I like, but definitely ETM.

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Forum: The Site

Thread: Introducing: Supporter! An ad-free alternative.

Started by: MetaMeta

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I did look at the payment option. I realistically can't because I don't have a mastercard/visa, and getting one does cost me more money than I'd like. Outside of PayPal I can only pay with iDeal in the Netherlands, and I don't think you'd go for that since it's NL only.


As for premium itself: It's not all bad of course. As @DaravaeDaravae mentioned, the name is difficult to see, people who don't want ads do that client side (mostly because it got ridiculous).
Access to beta is always fun, but I'd probably keep it chronological for now.
Next to the forum, maybe a supporter-only channel on the discord (im not on, but soon).

Q: How long will the annual special go for, and will that stay on that price, or will it be 30 dollarbills now, 42 dollarbills next year?


Forum: Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

Thread: Bowsers Fury Should be the Main Category

Started by: SpinjuSpinju

My onion is that the BF should have its own page, because when I see that "superplayer has beaten the WR in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury - Super Mario 3D World", that's just nonsensical. Just like how Xenoblade Chronicles: Future Connected is split from XCDE.

But, this should've happened from the start, it's way too late now without SRDC staff help. So I agree with Cactus' vision wholeheartedly due to lack of my vision being doable.


Forum: Streaming / Recording / Equipment

Thread: How can moderators streamline things for speedrunners of a game?

Started by: runevisionrunevision

> Also, is there any overview over what kind of online integrations LiveSplit has?

Layouts should be personal, but you can always offer a fun and nice layout and splits already in the resources tab, which would be .lss and .lsl files.

As for "setting up", a video could definitely help, but there already are soo many "start speedrunning" guides over the internet, even in the Knowledge base of

Consider pointing new runners there, or the video you will make that's specific to Eye of the Temple. Or the text guide I just saw you linked 😛


Forum: Phasmophobia

Thread: Question about the recording evidence rule?

Started by: TheGoldenShotgunTheGoldenShotgun

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I guess this game being how it is and has evolved, indeed has way too many edge-cases that could ruin the fun of leaderboards, even though they are trivial in and upon itself just as many other RNG-like games. Not to discredit the work you are doing.

For the time being, we will keep playing the way we are right now, because it's more fun for us, understanding that won't compete with the boards. And hey, if we ever do have a streak where all 3 evidences are needed for all 6 small maps, who knows.

Thanks for a healthy discussion and your side of the story 🙂

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Forum: Phasmophobia

Thread: Question about the recording evidence rule?

Started by: TheGoldenShotgunTheGoldenShotgun

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I'm just here to say that I disagree with the ruling.
There is a clear difference with "start map, guess and go, in the hope I am correct" and using deduction to guess the correct ghost, and a verifier can (should) see the difference. If it's evidence X and Y, and it clearly does trait B (the instahunt from demon would be very, very funny, but another example is the obake's clear 6-finger fingerprint) would still be "playing the game intentional".
I'm actually practicing trio runs for a marathon showing, but I just disagree with not being able to go speedy while clearly showing a "minimum effort" in an any% run. If it were called "3-evidence", I'd be less inclined to question the ruling :^)

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Forum: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD

Thread: Emulators

Started by: gwnMartygwnMarty

You don't need to follow the rules to be able to do speedruns, that's the beauty on it.

But due to unfair stuff, don't expect to be on the leaderboards.


Forum: Ape Escape 2

Thread: Are the loading times faster for Ape escape 2 on a BCPS3 than playing on a ps2?

Started by: fireblade50fireblade50

For this specific game, yes, it definitely is a little bit faster, for an any% run, this results in about half a minute faster. This doesn't translate well to ALL games, but it definitely does for Ape Escape 2


Forum: OneShot

Thread: any tips for someone wanting to speedrun oneshot?

Started by: cmaster25cmaster25

I assume he's a new runner in general, in which case, all the normal things apply;

Make notes that helps you, even though Oneshot already has really good notes already.
Practice, even practice segments. Fortunately this is a short enough run.

And, don't reset when you make 1 mistake. You will always make mistakes, and practicing the end is way better than practicing the start of the run.

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Forum: The Site

Thread: Minor bug: wrong flag being displayed

Started by: MonkeytronMonkeytron

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Tell your profile that you're from England, rather than England, United Kingdom. This is intended behaviour.

You can see I'm from The Netherlands, but if I'd choose North Holland as my REGION, nothing would change on the board, but on the forums and profile, you'd see the North Holland flag rather than NL.

Short: Country dictates flag on boards, region just shows on profile and forums

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Forum: Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

Thread: Help please?

Started by: IdgamingIdgaming

Adding categories is the easiest thing to do. But instead of claiming it is in the best interest of the community, you should probably state your claim and tell us what it is you wish to get added.


Forum: Portal 2

Thread: Video of run

Started by: LogDa683LogDa683

Create a youtube channel. Or Vimeo. Or anything else that is long storage.

The basic idea is that your proof is stored permanently, so that anyone can see your proof of your run at any time, even if it's 5 years in the future and it's needed for something. Otherwise, on some boards, your entry might be deleted as well.


Forum: Portal 2

Thread: World Record timing

Started by: LogDa683LogDa683

> Conclusion: It is entirely possible that Twitch viewer “PGZRunz” subscribing right there allowed Burger40 to get the WR

Shit, pay2win.

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Forum: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD

Thread: Emulators

Started by: gwnMartygwnMarty

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The game might not run at 100% speed (might be faster sometimes, might be slower most of the times) because the emulation of the Espresso CPU in the WiiU is far from perfect, and I doubt it'll ever be close to perfect. I'm surprised the playstation and some dolphin games are as good as they are, but emulation is difficult, and therefore not accurate.

Also yo, only Dutch people are allowed to talk in this thread. Gekoloniseerd


Forum: Katana ZERO

Thread: Game is running slower when recording

Started by: Zioncool100Zioncool100

Try setting your recording encoder to something different.


Forum: Goat Simulator

Thread: I'm back!

Started by: SkittlesCat83SkittlesCat83

Welcome back! Done!

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Forum: Ape Escape 2

Thread: Tips for a newbie

Started by: JackNeumanJackNeuman


First of all, welcome! I would recommend joining our Discord (there's an icon in the top bar), since we have a lot of avid monkey catchers there, who might know a thing or 2. A link is here:

To start of with the first question, if you click on the word "Guides" at the top of this page, you see a few guides. To self-advertise a bit, I would recommend the "Any% Video Tutorial" for a ~2-ish hours video with a full on explanation by me. Next to that, there are the "Banana Bunches of tips and setups", as well as Essential tutorials for additional written or specific things. Questions can of course be answered within the discord.

And logging your time officially, requires a video recording of your speedrun. This can be done with a capture card, which is a device that is connected to your video console, computer and a screen, so that you can play, and record that at the same time. Or, you can use your phone or webcam and record a video with that thing pointed to your TV if you want it a bit cheaper. As long as the video is clearly visible, and the audio is also clearly audible. After that, you can upload that video to YouTube (or another permanent-storage video website), and submit on the leaderboards.

A lot of beginner-questions can be answered by visiting the Knowledge Base on, which can be found in the top bar, if you click the "MORE" button

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Forum: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Thread: Mission route

Started by: htoisanaunghtoisanaung

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This is basically the route taken.
If you're not that fast yet, the few missions after Grey Imports, you can basically swap to:

- Home Invasion
- House Party
- Catalyst
- Robbing Uncle Sam
- Los Sepulcros
- Reuniting the Families & Green Sabre

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Forum: The Site

Thread: A question about Everdrive for submissions.

Started by: rotorstorm331rotorstorm331

To add to this, as @VyPrVyPr said, emu isn't separated, and these are usually more prone to be somewhat different, and also have access to savestates.

But as long as an official rom is used, should be fine on an everdrive

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Forum: Streaming / Recording / Equipment

Thread: OBS Video File

Started by: LunchBox1211LunchBox1211

That OBS video file, upload that to YouTube or another website that'll permanently store your video. That works.

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