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Forum: Star Ocean: The Second Story

Thread: Emulators and Non Segmented Runs

Started by: cloudcronocloudcrono

I'm not completely opposed to PS1 emulators since they will be slower than using fast disc speed on a PS2 and therefore there's no competitive advantage to doing so.

Segmented speedruns are a very different beast than RTA speedruns and currently there is no category for segmented runs; if there is a ton of interest in a segmented run, I could add one but I have no plans to do so until there are completed, recorded segmented runs. (Even then I wouldn't want to because they are hell to time.) No, they are not acceptable on the standard RTA leaderboards.

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Forum: ARPGME 2020

Thread: Submissions are now Closed!

Started by: MASHMASH

Did submissions close early? I thought we'd have a few more hours, and I wanted to submit one more game.

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Forum: Star Ocean: The Second Story

Thread: Claude/Rena guides

Started by: Kris_NagaXIVKris_NagaXIV

The differences are at the beginning of the game, Heraldry Forest, and Lacour. Plus you'll have Dias starting at the Front Lines instead of Leon, which does change some things. Claude will have fewer levels for Harfainx but Rena will have Cure Light for that fight.

I posted the notes I have for Rena route. Do note that you have to plan on losing 1/3 to 2/5 of your runs in Lacour because Claude AI is a butt in the tournament.

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Forum: Legend of Legaia

Thread: Potential new rule regarding incidental/accidental IFTs from any% game overs

Started by: trance1215trance1215

Personally, I wouldn't mind if the video has to start from a hard reset of the console.

I would definitely say that NG runs definitely need to start from a hard reset of the console on the video.

NG+ is a bit trickier. I guess there's nothing against the rules against pre-run manipulation / setup, but I've not been doing so for purposes of well, it just feels wrong to me.

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Forum: The Site

Thread: New site layout - Amendments #1

Started by: PacPac

So, it used to be the case that you could change various colors and stuff on your own profile page. I can upload my own banner / background images via the 'edit profile' settings, but having some customization for the different colors of the boxes would be kinda nice, if it is possible to reimplement that.

As in, instead of one theme color, having a few different theme colors for background, boxes, text color, etc. Just for our individual profile pages.

Again, just a 'Ria'd like to have it if it won't be too hard to implement or break other things.'


Forum: EarthBound

Thread: Can't upload submission

Started by: HannibalGrahamHannibalGraham


This is a known issue where pending runs aren't added to the pending box - see this thread:



Forum: The Site

Thread: Extremely Long RTAs & Health Concerns

Started by: GravGrav

At some point, you as the concerned viewer just have to accept that people are going to do these long runs, and that they are aware of the health risks and accept them (and take necessary mitigating precautions) accordingly.


Forum: Legend of Legaia

Thread: Emulators

Started by: RayOfSpeedRayOfSpeed

To add to it, the Incense Shenanigans seem to work a little differently depending on what specific console and console version you are using; you might have to do some rerouting of the skips if you don't use a 90K.

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Forum: The Site

Thread: Feedback thread

Started by: PacPac

Will there ever be an option to upload spreadsheets & documents to the site for guides, or has that been determined to be too much of a security risk already?


Forum: The Site

Thread: Feedback thread

Started by: PacPac

Can the auto-playing embedded stream on the front page be removed, or at the very least, can we get an option to remove it in our user settings?

Autoplay video is one of the great crimes of website design, and it eats data and bandwidth for those of us unfortunate enough to have limited connections.

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Forum: Wild Arms 3

Thread: Noob Questions

Started by: SushiKishiSushiKishi

1) I don't know? If there is, I'm not aware of one.

2) I just sell the one Coin at the beginning, and the 10 or so seems to be enough to get through any shenanigans. I will do the occasional safety save if I'm lacking in confidence with a particular area.

3) It's not really worth it; Valiant adds so much more damage and your characters are pretty low on health after Sand Canal & Janus that you do want to defend to prevent them from getting KO'd (and losing 20% of their max HP) going into Leyline Observatory; you don't want to lose multiple minutes to Asgard because your characters are all high health (happened in my PB).

4) The auto-battle allows Virginia to automatically use a Pinwheel to cure confusion off an unknown character if Todd hits them with his confuse attack; the auto-battle gets us around the fact that we don't have the FP to Inertia Cancel for those fights, nor a Baselard to Power Cancel.

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Forum: The Site

Thread: New Sub Badges auto display Partner Status

Started by: DaravaeDaravae

But... but I like subtly deceiving people into think I've reached Grand Exalted Partner status as a lowly affiliate.

(With that said, I like having the little Genesis Tree there in any case.)


Forum: Quest 64

Thread: Category and Variable Change Discussion

Started by: kirkqkirkq

I am late, as per usual...

Low% can be separated into 'minimum collection' and 'minimum level' (and I suppose both, if someone wanted to do both simultaneously) I am fine with that. With that said, how does one determine what the 'minimum level' or 'minimum stats' or whatever is. At some point, one should have a good definition of what is 'possible'. I think the 'no chests, no overworld spirits' definition is fairly clear-cut and well-defined. Similarly, all overworld spirits is another 'well-defined' category, even if one might say 'all chests' or 'all stats' or whatever other definition. In most games, 100% means '100% of some things defined by the category rules', and similarly Low% means 'The minimum collection among an arbitrarily-defined subset of 'anything you might pick up''. So, I don't agree that 100% needs to be 'every last thing possible' nor low% needs to be 'nothing at all whatsoever' The idea of 'no chests and overworld spirits' is what sits well as a good definition of low% to me.

Given no one has done Save Corruption and it's not looking like anyone is really attempting the category (if indeed it can even save time over regular any% at this point), I think it can be scrapped as a category after 4+ years. If it had had even one run up to this point, I would think differently about it.

Glitches vs. Glitchless is fine. However, I worry about a certain arbitrariness with regard to AGL glitching. If someone accidentally an initiative glitch or overmashes into an AGL glitch on the US version, should the whole run be invalidated? If there's leeway, what is the cutoff, and who decides?

I'm also fine with moving to 'start time at New Game'; it's consistent with every other game I run to start the timing when starting the file; the -5.5 stuff is a relic of SDA timing and I think we've outgrown that. The only point of order is how to deal with "legacy" times.

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Forum: The Site

Thread: We are aware of the issue with notifications.

Started by: LivLiv

Can someone like this post so I can verify that my notifications are back?

</blatantly selling out for internet points>

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Forum: Legend of Legaia

Thread: New glitch - skip Jette & Uru Mais

Started by: RiaSkiesRiaSkies

Among other things, PAL and JP both get the more generous EXP curve compared to US version.


Forum: The Site

Thread: Banning for Fake Submissions and Testing Moderators

Started by: kirkqkirkq

Adding more moderators, verifiers, or other such volunteers is usually more easily said than done. Oftentimes, there are no people willing to do so, or those who do volunteer aren't the most trustworthy individuals. Usually, I'm just checking a few key points, glitch locations, and skimming through the run and not watching the whole thing in depth. Yes, I'm engaging in lazy moderation, and I'll admit that. Find other trustworthy people who want to do the dirty work for free if you expect all the runs to be fully viewed to be on the leaderboards. Or pay me; I can think of worse jobs.

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Forum: The Site

Thread: Banning for Fake Submissions and Testing Moderators

Started by: kirkqkirkq

I think another issue is that for a lot of games, no one wants to be a mod and no one wants to put in the time to watching all the runs in full and doing full Fourier analysis of the sound to look for hidden discontinuities. To say, let someone else be mod, I retort for a lot of games, maybe even the vast majority, no one wants to do it and one person grudgingly accepts the task. So the choice isn't always good mod vs. lazy mod. It's often lazy mod vs. dead leaderboard.

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Forum: The Site

Thread: Connecting social media's

Started by: BokoblinsBokoblins

I'm going to chime in and say that I don't like this general expectation that people must have a Twitter account; I had to shutter mine because it was negatively affecting my mental health state in a bad way, and I wouldn't want people to feel like that's a prerequisite to being a contributor or game moderator on this site.

With that said, I think there's the question of 'Should being a game moderator be contingent on logging in to this site periodically and checking their game's queue on a semi-regular basis, without needing to be prodded on some external site first?'

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Forum: The Site

Thread: Two-Factor Authentification (2FA)

Started by: duke1102duke1102

The other thing to consider is, if we use the standard method of 2FA that nearly every site that uses 2FA does (i.e. cell phone authentication), you now have to store cell phone information somewhere on the site, which is one other piece of information that I'd both not like to have to divulge to yet another website, as well as something else that can potentially get taken in a hack.

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Forum: EarthBound

Thread: Is the GBA version allowed? Why or why not?

Started by: MajklMajkl

The other answer to the question is of course, you can run whatever game you want however you want to run it, but it might not be allowed on the EB leaderboards because it's fundamentally a different game.

Stuff like killing Giygas with poison, for instance, doesn't exist in the SNES version or its derivatives.

Which isn't to say that it's not (necessarily) worth running, but it'd be like running SM64 DS instead of the N64 version - it's its own game with its own leaderboards, rules, etc.

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