Forums  /  Resident Evil Outbreak: File #2 Category Extensions  /  Community had ploblem with cheating spread around right? lol

i run this game too so i am maybe part of community too... but i never know what happan in there so i am sorry about that T_T


You are absolutely part of the community if you run or not friend. Being a fan of the franchise and wanting it to be successful makes you a part of the bigger picture and a part of the RE family. Whatever problems we have had in the past in regards to running the Outbreaks is hopefully behind us and me and the mods are working our tails off to make sure we wouldn't have to worry about that again in the future. Have a Great Day!!

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I'll just ask you to bring more fun 😃

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oh! Hurriboy where is Garydanial? Where is he? He just Dissapear...


Gary is still around streaming and stuff, but last I heard he was taking a break from speedrunning. He will be back though I'm sure.

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