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Thread: Attaching Non-User Runs to Account

Started by: kirkqkirkq

I would like either my name to be attached to the runs so I can manually remove my runs, or my all of my runs removed from the leaderboard, either way is OK.


Forum: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Thread: All Missions - Gang Territories skip vote.

Started by: Mhmd_FVCMhmd_FVC

A & rename to "All Story Missions" so it makes sense.

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Forum: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Thread: Current state of All Missions

Started by: ResetReset

I explained my points, I think that's the definition of "constructive", not sure, you should check. You came in saying things out of anger, not even thinking about what you're saying and slapping up a random paragraph. But don't worry, nothing will happen. GTA section is one big unseperatable family, where the same person who shitposts will get his shitposts deleted until the end of time instead of being reported to a full mod & site banned.

Curious what you think me reporting Jolzi would do, do you not think the Full Mod would just talk to the current mods of the leaderboard ultimately?

I wonder if anything was even said to Jolzi about what he did. Spoiler for everybody who doesn't know these forums: No.


Forum: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Thread: Current state of All Missions

Started by: ResetReset

I've told you why it's a bad idea for a non-mod to do it, you obviously ignored. Do you want to scroll up?

When you stop being babies that need to be baby sitted by me, maybe you'll be respected more. It's great how I have to type out paragraphs about why common sense is common sense, a lot of other people can see this too. Respect goes both ways, when you go around the place running your mouthes, locking threads for no reason, changing rules because you feel like it, deleting Ieaderboards because of fake confidence boosts from IRL events, don't expect me or anyone else to be nice to you.

Good luck!

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Forum: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Thread: Current state of All Missions

Started by: ResetReset

Mhmd_FVC basically just told me to find workarounds to what mods are supposed to do.

"There's a thread about that sort of thing under "The Site" I think, otherwise Frew's discretion I suppose"

What are you talking about? You want me to report Jolzi? If it doesn't work we all just have to pray he doesn't do stupid shit again because the mods on this leaderboard are fine with keeping him as mod?

Why is someone who hasn't been relevant to SA speedrunning in like years & years still allowed to be saying or doing anything?

Now because of him, I have to waste my time typing out all this, I don't know what Tirean felt when it got CEd for that reason, but knowing some fuckhead who has no business saying anything and doing things no one asked to do is frustrating, do you not agree? It's wasting everyones time. All i've seen from this person is just causing shit and being involved in things he has no business being involved in, like this situation here. So give me and everyone here a good reason he is mod besides "everlasting friendships". I don't care what he's doing for 3 or VC or what he did in the Iraq war, it's not a reason to just continously say and do stupid shit in these boards, I'll wait. Same with Gael,although he isn't running his mouth when he doesn't know what he's talking about.

"For the same reason I don't want to be the one making the vote forum thread."

So you want me, a non-mod making a vote thread. You honestly think that's a good idea? How did the previous ones turn out? Some were taken seriously, some weren't. So, we all just have to pray again?
As I said, make a thread, like this post if A, like this post if B. Lock after a week.

Why is that so hard to do? Curious. It can be filtered out later by people with common sense. You can make the filter "had a run in the past year" or had an AM run in the past. I'm sure everyone here knows who's around SA speedrunning and who's here for the bullshit.

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Forum: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Thread: Current state of All Missions

Started by: ResetReset

It seems like enough time has passed and there has been no objections to a vote.

Also, what will happen to Jolzi abusing his mod power?

Can I also get a forum ban request for English_Ben, tired of this person following me around and harrassing me.

The next time you all wonder why darkviper made a GTA V discord which is locked for non-runners, maybe you should consider that like the same 5 clowns troll & harass these GTA forums & discord & everybody and mods don't seem to do anything about it.

How many times can one person shit-post? Of course, mods decide to not do anything to maintain personal relationships healthy with these cancerboxes.

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Forum: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Thread: Current state of All Missions

Started by: ResetReset

From the thread.
"On the other hand,
0318: set_latest_mission_passed 'RIOT_4' // End Of The Line
only happens in FINALEC"

"VC All Missions is defined as triggering all 0318 opcodes (set_latest_mission_passed 'RIOT_4' // End Of The Line)."

Also without the code, I think it's fair to say EOTL can be seen as one big mission with 3 checkpoints, similar to Trip Skip.

That is my arguement to have another vote to decide whether we should allow GT skip or not because it can interpreted both ways whether it's a mission or not.

Also another arguement was how there was not a proper vote last time to ban in the first place, because a mod (Jolzi) abused his powers and locked the thread within a day.

My suggestion - make a thread and post "Like this if you want GT skip allowed"
make another post "Like this if you want GT skip banned"
& maybe lock the thread, or not.

Will the mods make it? Seems like KZ_FREW is the only sensible person here seeing as hoxi just liked a shitpost instead of removing it from someone who has nothing better to do than spread cancer all day.

All banking on one person now, maybe we'll get lucky. BlessRNG

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Forum: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Thread: Current state of All Missions

Started by: ResetReset

Great thread & great vote, bunch of people voting who still have not even done a run of all missions to this day.

Where is the runs of all you people in that thread? Talk is talk.

These forums have a "minding your own business" issue

Typical Jolzi doing dumb shit and locking thread that was open for about 1 day, I have a better question - why is this brainless moron still mod? Shhh guys, let's pretend he's not abusing his power, no one cares and no one will notice.

What will get deleted from the SA boards at next ESA? find out in July!

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Forum: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Thread: Current state of All Missions

Started by: ResetReset

Can this be cleared up -

Is Jizzy skip allowed & if so why?

Is EOTL1 skip allowed and if not why?

I don't see how EOTL1 is a mission, seems like a checkpoint to me.

Also I see Tirean was doing runs with GT skip, so was it allowed and someone randomly just decided to disallow it and to throw it into misc? I don't see any trace of a discussion.

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Forum: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Thread: Updated rules discussion + some other stuff

Started by: KZ_FREWKZ_FREW

What happened to this thread?

How is video proof even a discussion. Yeah guys, trust Twitch to keep your runs and if your videos are removed by this specific website some people post their runs on we'll be sure to keep the submissions on the leaderboard. Makes sense.

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Forum: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Thread: Vote: Add 'stadium music replaced with silence' to allowed mod list

Started by: S.S.

We need a vote to see if we can stop morons like LotsOfS spreading diarrhea on these forums.

A or B Guys.

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Forum: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Thread: Updated rules discussion + some other stuff

Started by: KZ_FREWKZ_FREW

Timing Start - I'd prefer if it started whenever IGT starts, this prevents any messing with the traffic lights or traffic, but CS skip is acceptable too.

Subjective rule enforcement - Ban NG+ for everyone just like accidental cheats are banned for everyone, these two things are pretty similar but one is fully banned the other one isn't.

Runs with no video - If there's no video, how could we know the run was ever done, or it's legit, or it adheres to the rules?
Those runs being there just ridicules the concept of video verification.

It's up to the runners to provide the runs , not for moderators to chase them. Just like when a stream dies for a few minutes there's too much content lost... you should just have locally recorded. These picnics could be the fault of Twitch, but so what?

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Forum: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Thread: Strats

Started by: [Deleted user]

The strat is to line yourself up and don't move the camera when going past these three guys, that way they don't "recognise" you're going past them, saves a lot of armor (14s-18s in the video)

Also you can start shooting the last 2 people earlier in the hallway if you have enough health like I did.

Seems faster.

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Forum: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Thread: Strats

Started by: [Deleted user]

Using the building to teleport is more consistent, also you need only 1 bullet and that's enough to end the date.. avoiding Denise is consistent now.

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Forum: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Thread: My Runs + little rant.

Started by: ResetReset

KZ_FREW is slowly restoring my faith in humanity, thank you.

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Forum: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Thread: My Runs + little rant.

Started by: ResetReset

"Is this an issue? If your time isn't competitive, should it still be held to the same regard as WR? I don't think there's a right answer for this; there's a couple different ways you could look at it."

Then why ban accidental cheats for everyone? I'll tell you why, because you people only see what's on the fucking surface, that's why, i'd say very few know about NG+ and very few care, as expected. Accidental cheats arguably have way less affect than NG+ stuff.

You still haven't answered why it was okay to ban ginput and not ban other mods that arguably give advantage.

You still haven't answered how you time runs when control can be gained on a black screen, are you a magician?

Once again, why speedrun & more importantly why care about this website when the leaderboard is made up of some subjective rules randoms made up?

You try to justify the decisions that are made, but you don't talk about the people who made these decisions, does anyone even know who they are and why this stuff is decided specifically by these very few people?

"without having a real conversation" - Then what threads did I just post in my post? Did you not see me posting in them? Selective hearing?

I have brought these things up so so many times, whether it was here or the discord and spoiler: nothing happened.

"How I carry myself isn't the topic,so I'm not sure why you're going on about it."

So you can say personal things about me, but I can't do that, I'm going on about it because you started this, it's funny how once you hear something that you don't want to, you backtrack to question the topic.

"If you find something on FLYING, please let me or someone else know, because we've been unable to find evidence of cheating"

I did let someone know, nearly a year ago as well, ironically. Mouse sprinting is retarded, they should have had him do a run with inputs, he has also should probably send over his handling file after the runs.

It is WAY too late now.

Whether I personally think he cheats or not doesn't matter, I don't think he does. What matters is people do nothing about past cheaters, as shown here. So what are the value of these leaderboards again? There is hardly any.

"I see nothing wrong with his runs" - You see nothing wrong because you don't try to, as I explained above why you don't want to. Caring about the surface. AGAIN.

"Should we remove them now that the video is no longer accessible?" Lol, yes, how can you know the run has adhered to the rules that were put in place in the past, or the current rules now if you can't see it?

Are you just going to bank on faith it happened, it kind of ridicules the concept of video verification, if these people still have videos they are free to re-submit them, no?

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Forum: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Thread: My Runs + little rant.

Started by: ResetReset

"Different timing" was discussed, spoiler: nothing happened. Club of buddies x1.

"Restarting the game every attempt" Subjective laws were put in place for WR attempts. Club of buddies x2.

From the thread - "Yeah, we talked about it for a bit"
Who is we? It is club of buddies, that's who.

"Ginput was banned because a random guy made a thread" - Good point, they will say "it gives advantage"

I could argue that other allowed mods do too, why don't you ban them? Club of buddies x3, subjective laws once again.

People say the vote was being brigaded by Hugo viewers who are so criticised, but nothing is said about people who run other GTA games and decide to have an opinion about SA related things when there's drama, or people who have done 2 attempts years ago. But suddenly their opinion matters because they are a part of IRC/Discord/GTAM, not SA speedrunning. Newsflash: no one gives a shit.

It is once again an example of randoms from like 2013 having importance over people who run these games right now.

"You haven't even been active here in quite some time but you make this big comeback just to fire off this loud cannon of a post and storm out"

I have been one of the most active people this year regarding talking about SA even when i'm not playing. Just because i'm not playing categories that are significant to you doesn't mean i'm not active. What significant thing have you done? I'll wait. I have nothing to prove with this game anymore, I am the best. I have been re-doing runs from new strats for years now. I can do more playing in a month than some people can do in years, new strats will probably not stop for a long time, so should I keep playing every month & every day so I could be labelled "active"? Straw grasping.

"Saying that "Joshimuz will come back like nothing happened" is aimless hate, something you know a lot of" - Look who's talking, you do this very often, just not here, but Twitch chats or Discord or youtube or whatever bullshit. When you try to act holier than thou, it only works on gullible people, this isn't twitch or youtube, it will not work here or atleast on me. The difference between me and you also is I don't call out people for being assholes unless they call me out, because I am one myself, so you shouldn't either.

A LOT of people here need to look in the mirror before talking, actually.

It took me a week to find out Anti was cheating in SA while it took you a year. I suggested for the runners of 3/VC to check his game speed. Nothing happened apart from the same idiots laughing. Now a year later this is somehow BIG NEWS.
When you let past cheaters roam the leaderboards, you should audit them or give no 2nd chances, or the leaderboards have a chance of losing a lot of value. AND they did. Does anyone even care about VC/3 now? I certainly don't. So give me a reason to speedrun when i'm potentially competing to someone who is cheating and nobody is doing anything about it, and it is too late now.

"A category's current activity should have no bearing on where it exists. All Missions, NMG and 100% all fit the criteria of the main boards, so they will stay."

A category's current activity should have no bearing on where it exists is your personal opinion and also the criteria is whatever KZ_FREW says, this is the criteria - do not push your personal opinions on other people.

For some reason you people weren't against Bosz, Domo, Anti, Derpeth voting against Los Santos in the most recent thread - who have no runs of SA on the leaderboards, we should come up for a name for them like you all did with Hugo viewers. "Discord idiots who think they're special" - that's a good name. It's fine to brigade votes as long as other GTA runners do it, apparently, fuck other people. Then the people who call these cucks out are assholes. Ironic.

Using words such as "objectively" "obviously" "criteria" does not save you from criticism, unfortunately. Good try though.

Los Santos doesn't have to be misc. You can create "Cities" beside Miscellaneous with a drop-down arrow with LS,BL,SF,LV,RTLS in there. How will this cloud the leaderboard, curious to hear an answer for people who say this.

By banning Anti you are already having inaccuracies on the leaderboard because the runs are not judged individually anymore, I do not see why people who voted for this are having a problem with me removing my own?

While you're at it, remove runs that have no videos on them, there are a lot.

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Forum: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Thread: My Runs + little rant.

Started by: ResetReset

I am removing my runs from this website,I no longer want to be a part of this circle. They will still be on my channel and for anyone who wants to see of course.

I will try to be nice.

1/Main reason is the people behind getting the runs on these leaderboards are too ignorant to actually keep them right (e.g. ignoring the fact Anti was cheating in SA, not taking the runs down for months and not checking his VC/3 stuff for a WHOLE fucking year, not asking FLYING to provide add info before verifying his runs, constantly mis-timing runs and still having the stupid timing rule) there is more smaller things like this, I will not bother going into more detail.
I am not even gonna go into the stupidity of VC/3 runners, i'll leave that.

Question for the mods, how do you know when the timing starts if CJ can gain control on a black screen?

And now the same people are still big stars the next day, which leads me to my next point

2/People who do constantly do stupid shit are still big stars the next day.
MH removing IL leaderboards, still verifier, still probably had a say whether Anti should be permanently banned from the LBs in the little "group of friends" circle.

Joshimuz modding MH and defending him to death when he was doing stupid shit in the past, now he runs away from responsibility when it was his fault the ILs were removed, the next day Joshimuz is still making big decisions such as banning Anti from the leaderboards.

I could give more examples but these people don't really deserve attention.

"Group of friends" once again deciding what happens with a big part of the leaderboards (brings me to point 3)

It's actually funny how people see this website as a reliable one, they really need to see the behind-the-scenes bullshit that happens.

Future prediction, Joshimuz will be back here as Mod as if nothing happened in a few years.

People getting different treatment also because of ESA and other PR bullshit.

3/Categories only that the mods specifically want get added on the leaderboards, there's nothing more to say about this and it's quite obvious this is true, just read past locked threads if you have time.

It was the same idiots in 2013, same in 2018 and probably will still be the same 2023, reminder there is a difference between making mistakes and being VERY ignorant.

I'm basically sick of the never ending cycle of stupidity on these leaderboards so I do not want to be a part of it anymore. Same people with their same bullshit, same everything, different year.

Knowing all this, I do not see any point to be a part of this website.

I DO NOT want my runs re-submitted. Ever.

There is some red pills in here and maybe some things that are ahead of their time, so don't be too quick to talk. But then again nothing ever changes so it probably doesn't even matter because it'll be overlooked. Be sure to overlook this too because of my age or because I said X in the past so this means this thread is X.

I have a lot more to say, but i'd really rather not.

Rant over.


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Forum: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Thread: Los Santos

Started by: [Deleted user]

People who vote B are as free to vote as people who voted A, just because something is starting to not go your way does not mean the vote is being brigaded.

Known member roles do not mean anything, half of those "known members" play other GTAs which are completely different from SA.

Some A voters (including Anti) have absolutely no runs on the leaderboard.

English_Ben was the first to start this "brigading" by posting a comment other than A or B

Who is really brigading the vote?