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Forum: Super Mario 64

Thread: SM64 PC Port

Started by: alarisalaris

Maybe I'm missing something, but if fan games are allowed here, mods for official games are allowed too... why unofficial port wouldn't be allowed?

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Forum: The Wonderful 101

Thread: TW101 Remastered coming soon!

Started by: RenusekRenusek

It will be released in May 2020 on PC (Steam), Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Not sure if the changes will be big enough to justify a separate leaderboards, just a separate category, maybe? Loading times will be improved heavily, I imagine.


Forum: Nex Machina

Thread: Player 2 in coop categories

Started by: RenusekRenusek

Currently there is no way to add player 2 to the co-op run, change so we can upload run with both runners visible on the leaderboards 🙂


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Auto splitter Help / Request

Started by: TransparentBlueTransparentBlue

Would be amazing if you coud share link to the tutorial, might help me and others.


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Games not intended for speedrunning

Started by: Alexander_SilvargAlexander_Silvarg

All sorts of autoscrollers or games with fixed time to finish (for example: KEYBOARD DRUMSET FUCKING WEREWOLF).

Not saying you can't speedrun these games, but they have very little speedrun potential, as everyone can get the same time if they did a deathless run (I think).

Oh and sorry for necro, but I wanted to add something from myself :x


Forum: InFlux

Thread: Getting into it

Started by: TheDangusTheDangus

I know you asked 2 years ago, but I accidentally ended up here and found the video on youtube, not sure why it's not linked to the run though.


Forum: Sayonara Wild Hearts

Thread: Add PC to the platforms

Started by: RenusekRenusek

Game just got released on Steam 😛

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Forum: Dino Run DX

Thread: Many runs don't show cheats+mods/seed code page

Started by: RenusekRenusek

Or even the seed code used (or not used).

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not accusing anyone of cheating, but if the rules specifically say:

"Cheats + Mods" are NOT allowed. Seeds are NOT allowed. (MUST SHOW they are disabled)

Then shouldn't we all apply them?

I know it can get tiring to show these 2 pages, but seriously, it's only few more clicks and it will help everyone else to make sure that the run is legit.

Again, I'm not implying we should "unverify" these run, just let's enforce these rules from now on, okay?

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Forum: Streaming / Recording / Equipment

Thread: New to speed runs. Do I need to buy a Nintendo and the game I intend to speed run or are emulators allowed?

Started by: Chris_P_BaconChris_P_Bacon

There is also this https:/​/​store.​steampowered.​com/​app/​314150/​Double_Dragon_Trilogy/​ if you want to keep it legit, but I don't think anyone will mind emulating the game (even though to keep it perfectly legal, you are supposed to dump your own copy of the game)


Forum: Yakuza 0

Thread: Categories extension?

Started by: RenusekRenusek

I love Yakuza series, I own all of them on PS3, PS4 and PC, but I guess yeah, I am afraid of learning to run them... I really want to tho, so... one day maybe.


Forum: Yakuza 0

Thread: Categories extension?

Started by: RenusekRenusek

How about some fun categories? I don't really want to run such a long game, I'm not ready for it, but for example...
-fishing% - requiring you to obtain all possible fish species (basically 100% fishing minigame) or
-ufo catcher% - same here, collect all possible toys from the ufo catching minigame

What do you think about it? I know it won't be any popular, but... maybe?


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: speedrunning a pirated copy of a game

Started by: seedseed

Like kmrd said, unless it's very obvious (some games have anti-piracy measures that change in-game visuals), I think nobody would even question it. Emulator runs don't require you to show that you own the copy of the game either.


Forum: The Site

Thread: Suggestion: Game Aliases

Started by: TheCownessTheCowness

Yeah, it's also much more often in older games, different examples would be:
- "Another World" being known as "Out of This World" in US
- "Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers" being known as "Donald Duck: Quack Attack" in Europe
- "Judge Eyes" (JP) - "Judgment" (localized title)


Forum: Tron: Evolution

Thread: PC version no longer working

Started by: RenusekRenusek

Managed to bypass SecuROM, if anyone else has that problem and wants to fix it - message me on Steam, I'll help.

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Forum: Tron: Evolution

Thread: PC version no longer working

Started by: RenusekRenusek

Yes, sadly it's no longer working. Even manual registration through SecuROM website is not working anymore. Game is forever dead if you re-install.

Auto registration:

Manual registration:

I hope someone will find a way to revive it somehow. Disney disappoints once again.


Forum: Tron: Evolution

Thread: PC version no longer working

Started by: RenusekRenusek

The thing is, I own it on Steam already, but apparently after reinstalling it won't work anymore (according to steam forums), I'll install it right now and make sure if that's really the case.


Forum: Tron: Evolution

Thread: PC version no longer working

Started by: RenusekRenusek

Disney didn't renew their SecuROM subscription (I think) and it seems that the game is unplayable on steam right now (its delisted already) if you didn't have it installed before that happened. Any idea what can be done?