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Thread: DDD definition.

Started by: VirtuaMasterVirtuaMaster

It's just a game state that skips all the dialogue.

The below is in the rules:
"DDD (Digital Dialogue Disruption) is a Digital Only glitch where the game can't access the dialogue and proceeds to skip through the lines quickly, some lines are still present however."

Pess has also made a tutorial on how to set it up, which is also linked below:

All bases have been covered to explain what it is, no need to start more threads about it honestly.

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Thread: Speedrun strat

Started by: BubblySkyBubblySky

Yeah that's a mechanic called a Vemon Dash.

The game tells you about it at some point.


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Thread: Difficulty: Is New Game+ allowed?

Started by: SneakyPeteSneakyPete

There is no real difference in any category apart from ultimate so that is why we keep track of ultimate separately while the rest is bunched together.

I mean you're free to submit ultimate to any difficulty but the mod will just change it to the correct category.


Forum: Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Thread: Phone cam?

Started by: OsamabeenlyinOsamabeenlyin

As long as the video is watchable and in 1 piece, not cut into parts, it should be fine


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Thread: No Glitches?

Started by: Natan_AnileNatan_Anile

(edited: )

NG means New Game so no previous file.

NG+ means New Game Plus creating a file that carries over everything.

There is not enough interest in glitchless.

The main glitch is Fisk's Tower, the first mission, and the only difference would be you watch the few cutscenes and run up the elevator shaft.

Optional glitches we have are School Clip and Martin Li 3 Skip. Oh and possibly Recycle Clip. None of them are required and are down to personal preference.

Oh and DDD isn't really a glitch we just stop the game from downloading data to achieve this.

If you want to run it then you will need to do a run/get others to run it with you to show interest in it. Once that has been done we may consider adding it but currently there isn't much point when it cuts one 1 glitch you do in the first 10 mins as all the others are mainly optional.

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Thread: 100% DLC 1 question

Started by: MiguelRiveraMercuryMiguelRiveraMercury

Pessilist has already done a few runs and has a route for it.

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Forum: Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix HD

Thread: Birth by Sleep - Marathon Runs Database

Started by: RebelDragon95RebelDragon95

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I have seen marathon runs up-kept in other speedrun communities and I felt it might be nice to have it here as well.

Below are the ones that I am aware of -

Essentia - SGDQ 2011 -

Atzero - SGDQ 2015 -

Atzero - RPGLimitBreak 2015 -

RebelDragon95 - Pre-ESA 2016 -

RebelDragon95 - ESA 2016 -

Sonicshadowsilver2 - KH Speedrun Marathon -

AbandonTheMyriad - KH Speedrun Marathon -

RebelDragon95 - KH Speedrun Marathon -

Grig - KH Speedrun Marathon -

Atzero - RPGLimitBreak 2017 -

Marvin - KH Speedrun Marathon 2 -

Wyattw8 - KH Speedrun Marathon 2 -

Sonicshadowsilver2 - KH Speedrun Marathon 2 -

RebelDragon95 - KH Speedrun Marathon 2 -

Sly - KH Speedrun Marathon 2 -

RebelDragon95 - AGDQ 2018 -

RebelDragon95 - ESA Summer 2018 -

RebelDragon95 - ESA Winter 2019 -

RebelDragon95 - UKSG Spring 2019 -

RebelDragon95 - UKSG Summer 2019 -

RebelDragon95 - UKSG Autumn 2019 -

Pessilist - Questing for Glory 2 -

Pessilist and RebelDragon95 - Questing for Glory 3 -

Pessilist - AGDQ 2020 -

RebelDragon95 - ESA Together 2020 -

RebelDragon95 - BSG@Home 2020 -

If you know of anymore, I will have missed a few, please post them below.

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Thread: Dream Drop Distance - Marathon Runs Database

Started by: RebelDragon95RebelDragon95

I have seen marathon runs up-kept in other speedrun communities and I felt it might be nice to have it here as well.

Below are the ones that I am aware of -

Atzero and Faye - KH Speedrun Marathon -

Atzero - RPGLimitBreak 2018 -

TheRolePlayingGuy - BSG Annual 2018 -

RebelDragon95 - ESA Summer 2018 -

RebelDragon95 - UKSG Winter 2020 -

RebelDragon95 - ESA Winter 2020 -

If you know of anymore, I will have missed a few, please post them below.

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Forum: Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix HD

Thread: New BBS placing icons

Started by: RebelDragon95RebelDragon95

(edited: )

So we thought that the crowns were more a 2fm thing than a BBS thing so I had Axends draw me some new icons for the top 4 placing icons.

Screenshot (totally didn't pick Aqua Beginner Any% cos I have WR) -

1st place - Aqua - Cos Aqua Crit is the fastest Any%
2nd place - Terra - Cos Terra Beginner is the fastest Beginner Any%
3rd place - Ven - Cos who likes Ven let's be real Kappa
4th place - Stitch - 4th place is now 1st place let's be real

Just a quick heads up. I have applied these icons to all BBS versions.


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Forum: The Site

Thread: Report a site bug

Started by: ZephilesZephiles

Yo sick bro, thanks ill remember that shortcut

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Forum: The Site

Thread: Report a site bug

Started by: ZephilesZephiles

(edited: )

I am trying to change the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc icons on some pages but every time I click save they revert to the previous images and do not keep the new ones.

Any assistance as to why this occurring would be appreciated.

For reference I am a super mod on the pages I am trying to edit.


Forum: Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix

Thread: Changing NG+ to Any% (Trophy Bonus)

Started by: RebelDragon95RebelDragon95

Just a heads up but the category NG+ will now be known as Any% (Trophy Bonus) as that is what is really is.


Forum: Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix HD

Thread: Moderation Feedback Corner

Started by: DrazerkDrazerk

If you don't want to make a post here feel free to DM me with any issues.

I'll try and sort them as soon as I can.



Forum: Street Boyz

Thread: Why you SHOULD be playing Street Boyz

Started by: RebelDragon95RebelDragon95



Forum: Kingdom Hearts

Thread: Splitting of the CE boards into separate games

Started by: RebelDragon95RebelDragon95

(edited: )

Hi all,

As you all are aware we have recently added a Category Extensions board to the KH leaderboards.

After many a discussion between us mods we have decided that it would work out better and be less cluttered if we separated the boards out slightly into 3 different boards. It was pointed out earlier that there are a lot of categories on that board.

The 3 boards we will have is Kingdom Hearts 1, Kingdom Hearts 2 and "Spin-offs" Titles.

Essentially KH1 and KH2 have the most Misc style categories out of all the games while the rest of the series, categorised as "Spin-Off" Titles, as they have WAY less in the way of Misc style categories.

So the setup will be:

Kingdom Hearts 1 (OG through FM HD (PS4))

Kingdom Hearts 2 (OG Through FM HD (PS4))

"Spin-Off" Titles (COM/RE:COM, Days, BBS, Re:Coded, DDD and 0.2)

The reason for the split is so the main moderators for the games have more control and room to edit the boards for their games while deciding what is considered a "Main" or a "Misc" run.

One of the Super Mods will be setting this up as soon as possible and we will seeing how this works out for us over the next few months.

Please be patent while we make these edits and we will keep you updated along the way.


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Forum: Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix HD

Thread: Not sure if this is a dumb question or not

Started by: King_matt_817King_matt_817

(edited: )

The only category where getting Superglide early is used is Ventus Critcal Level 1 Any% and it only saves a few seconds over the rest of the run, since we don't put it on till OC since an extra menu right after grabbing it would make it slower so we put it on in an existing menu.

I personally don't do it in PB attempts but always do it in marathons to show it off.

Also to note it is probably slower on PS3 due to the D-Link load.


You CANNOT grab it in Ventus Beginner Any% as we need to be using Exp Walker for basically the whole run and Superglide bypasses walking so we don't gain any Exp from it.


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Thread: Changes to the Community Discord

Started by: RebelDragon95RebelDragon95

(edited: )

Hi all,

We are planning some changes to the Discord. It's a bit of a mish mash of both casual and speedrunning things.

We are going to trial the discord as being a full on speedrunning discord, a bit like the Sonic/Ratchet and Clank ones, to see if that works out for us.

This means that people that are not runners of the games will not be able to post messages into the "Speedrunning" channels unless you have been given a role to do so. This is to try and minimlise the amount of casual chatting that goes on in them, but don't worry you will still be able to read the channels so you can see any new strat videos or notes that popup if your interested.

As for the roles, I will discuss this with Draz, but while we are making these changes we will probably only be giving roles to those that have a run on Don't worry if you don't after we are done making these changes you can request a role for the game you are interested in.

We are also going to trial condesing the "Casual" chatting channels down to try since having all of those channels seems a little unnecessary when not all of them are used a lot of the time.

Me and Draz will be putting this in place soon, we will announce it when it happens.

Here's my proposal pastebin to the other mods, don't take this as 100% be all and end all this was just my ideas and we have talk through and made some changes to it:


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Thread: Requesting a Re-Organization of the LB Moderators

Started by: TimmiluvsTimmiluvs

I agree with Timmi. Nothing personal against anyone who has put in work over the years in ensuring that the LBs have been maintained but the severe lack of attention has been given to the LBs as of late. I can understand that people are busy, have other priorities that can take over and/or don't have as much free time to be checking runs. Those are just a couple of examples and if any of those are the case why claim responsibility if you cannot actually complete the task?

Timmi made mention of people attempting to ping the mods from in the community discord, then the person not gaining any response, not even a written acknowledgement and are upset when their requests don't even seem to have been acknowledged. How is this fair? I know that some of the mods are always active in the discord talking/answering questions/trying to help out and might not respond in the channel but take it to their own discord to discuss. It really isn't fair on the people shouting out for these changes expecting a response and it falling on seemingly deaf ears. Why is this the case?

I also don't really like the idea of having a "LB mods only" discord server, makes it seem like a secret cult doing things for "The greater good" but that's another discussion. I also know for a fact that some of the mods are not even fully active or even a member fully of the community discord, and if they are they only join for a short time meaning that most conversations will likely be missed on a regular basis. Why is this the case? If I am wrong I will apologise now, I was misinformed and/or my observations are incorrect there are a lot of names in that long list.

As for which option I believe would work overall and be able to provide the best moderation would be option 2. It would let each game have a point of contact and a voice of knowledge on the other end. It would also prevent mistakes such as the PS2 HDD one if there is a solid knowledge base behind the mods rather than them having just inherited the board from being a mod of another one.

Overall I feel like a change is welcome and might even create a smoother running of the LBs which would benefit the community greatly.

If I am wrong about anything I have said above I'll put my hands up and apologise now, my view is purely from an outside of the LB moderation without any kind of insight with what goes on. Hopefully we can come to some kind of agreement that will work for everyone and we all stay on good terms. 🙂

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