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well, thanks to the new OOB strats and finding those free permanent bus passes, the expensive ring is now dead.

it might still only be viable in a glitchless segmented or TAS run for the quickest way to make money, but that i think that is the ONLY reason to go for these now.

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this is a pretty cool find. also glitchless / oob categories are fine with me. I could cut off 2 hours from my run from 5 years ago with just selling those comics, and nothing else, which would bring my time down close to 2 hours flat. With everything else, who knows how low it can go.

i should play the game again some day and just explore OOB now that I know that is a thing.


back before existed, i always wondered if a sister site to SpeedRunsLive could've existed, something called ScoreAttacksLive maybe, but it would've just been for livestreams and not high score database.


It's been like 5 years since I made that run, and I was still new to the scene somewhat. didn't even exist back then, and I think I was the only one who ran the game. I wasn't really thinking of the legitimacy of loading times with running the game on the hard drive, even if it was on actual console. I'm not sure how other runners of other PS2 games handle this situation of disc vs. HDD, I assume they choose disc only because it's the only legit way to play the game, but again, 5 years ago there was really no community for this game, so I just chose what I had. If anyone knows any other PS2 game speedrun communities with this same issue, maybe we can see what they did. I don't mind if the rules are changed to future runs being disc only since it is the intended legitimate way to run the game on the PS2 console.


I should say, my run was on PS2, but the game was on an internal PS2 HDD, which would explain the faster load times


If you saw my really old speedrun of this game, you should've seen the Expensive Rings, which as far as I can remember is the fastest way to make money in the game, however the luck of getting these from the well feels near impossible. In my run it took me almost 2 hours just to get 4 rings. The rings sell for 3000z each (total of 12000z), and the Computer costs 11800z.

Now I haven't played the game in many years so there are probably better strats to make money, but if your luck was perfect with the rings, I still feel like it would be a viable route to take if you can somehow manipulate the RNG to always give rings from the well.


Looking for the creation of a "Taiko no Tatsujin" series with the following three games:


Sorry for late reply.

I should also say if you want a copy of the unpatched version, just add me on Steam ( ). I'll see if you own the game, and if you do then I'll give you a link to download it. The URL will be different for each person so you won't be able to share it anywhere.

There are no guides really but you can always watch my run

as well as a "glitch guide" that I made for the unpatched version which just shows everything that is wrong with it (this was made before I found the cake teleport)


If anyone wasn't aware already, the patchless category is the initial release of Jazzpunk on Steam / GOG without any of the bug fixes which kill a bunch of tricks in the speedrun (this is mainly my fault for telling the devs about them).

I still have the GOG install file for the unpatched version, should I host it somewhere for anyone interested in running that category? I WILL need proof that you own the game on Steam however so you aren't just getting a free game, just an earlier version.

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Maybe it might be useful to someone?