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Started by: BiiWiXBiiWiX

+Duck, No SLA
This category uses the same rules as Inbounds No SLA. The command +duck is used to ensure that the player is crouched the entire time. Triggers that cause you to uncrouch, such as the one in the tube in 19, are not allowed. If you become uncrouched at any point (from pausing or hitting a trigger that causes you uncrouch), you must reload a save from before you uncrouched.

A few routes are similar to glitchless/nosla but this opens the opportunity to other creative strats with item preserve, item climbing, and general movement.


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Thread: Category Suggestion

Started by: ReassagresstaReassagressta

Meme%. Beat the game but you use the most passive aggressive responses. The route would have to be pre-made. Not really a serious category but more of a sub-category.

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Thread: Inbounds No SLA Tutorial

Started by: ReassagresstaReassagressta

I know there are already individual videos for No SLA techniques but I was just wondering if it's okay that I make a full Inbounds No SLA tutorial with basic-intermediate techniques for new runners.

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