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@andreww Sure I'll leave. On the other hand, if you people don't like users wanting coherent leaderboards gtfo this website or fix your shitty leaderboard.


Because it's fucking stupid. Just have any of the 7 moderators upload it. Every other mildly popular game keeps their record pages up to date, but a major game like Super Metroid waits 6 months to actually upload WR runs.

You will keep getting people talking about it until you fix it. No one likes seeing a record without a video and 99% of viewers won't bother checking the forums and will assume it's OK to submit runs without proof.

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Why is this run even allowed? Can I just claim world record without a video too?


Because 99% would be my favorite category, but I probably wouldn't bother watching a 100% run. I brought it up because I don't believe I'm the only person to feel that way. I've already explained my thought process.

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I prefer 100% runs in just about every game. However, you can't honestly tell me you enjoy watching 3 hours of coin grinding with no variation. It's the same as how I pointed it out for The Witness, people didn't want to watch the 30 minute break for that boring puzzle so they made a category without it.

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I could be wrong, but you don't need every outfit or things like that for all missions no? Since you get toadette achieves with some leeway on those. So that also means you don't need all purple coins.


Oh really? Your post just made me realize this website has a "view rules" under each category which is something that I didn't realize was there and has been bugging me for a long time.

It's still somewhat different without the purple coins and unlockables. To me, those are part of the appeal of 100%. Just a shame this game decided to add infinite sellable moons which is the biggest fault in the game for me (even for a casual playthrough).

Maybe people don't want both 99% and All Missions; personally I think they are different enough.

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So we all know 100% is a really tedious category. You need to spend hours grinding coins to buy the moons and I doubt anyone really wants to do that, or watch it either. The 100% run that was submitted was fun to watch (clearly casual as he openly admits he didn't even do 100% on his main file yet) but when he reached the coin farm I just shut the stream down.

Why not leave 100% as a misc category and have a 99% category that would actually be fun to run and watch instead?

Essentially the same thing as 100%, but instead of 999 moons, leaving it to every unique moon (880 I believe). I'm not certain how much of the coin farming is needed to buy all the outfits/collectibles, but if you didn't need to buy the moons, then regular coin gathering could be part of 100% routing and not just a tedious grind at the end of a long run.

Other games have done similar things in the past when a category is clearly unfun for all involved. I think it should be done here too. 99% could be a fun category and I always enjoy completionist speedruns. All you get from 999 moons is a small chime essentially saying : Yay! Good Job! Why can't we as a community agree to run something fun instead?

It would be very different from 503 which has a more complicated route that considers how long each moon takes to get, as you would need to get them all anyway : routing would be very different as it would focus on gathering coins/purple coins/optimizing kingdoms to gather every moon in as few trips and detours as possible.

¤EDIT : Just want to point out The Witness as a game that has done something similar to skip 1 puzzle that takes an insanely long amount of time and is stupidly boring.

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