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Forum: Baseball Stars

Thread: Single Game Victory - Rules and Categories

Started by: SchmidttyGamesSchmidttyGames

I added a new category for custome teams. I see that I added the rule "no custom teams/players" to the league category but forgot to add it to the single game category. I will fix that.

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Forum: NBA Jam

Thread: Winning the game?

Started by: guitarhero23guitarhero23

It looks like the site admins agree. The game request for separate versions was declined. We will stick with the different tabs for each system.


Forum: Penguin Wars

Thread: Platforms

Started by: LegsLegs

I went ahead and added them. Thank you for the suggestion.

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Forum: NBA Jam

Thread: Winning the game?

Started by: guitarhero23guitarhero23

I have created a separate category for 2 player co-op. Please let me know if I need to add anything to the rules for it. As far as changing the settings prior to a run (computer assistance, difficulty, timer speed) currently I have left it up to the runner to decide what will get things done the fastest. I feel like it would be cool to add categories for different difficulties. If you all feel that changes need to be made to the current rule set let me know but keep in mind that it may invalidate some runs we have on the leader board currently.

Also, I feel that it may be necessary to create a new/separate leaderboard for the Genesis version. If anyone wants to request that leaderboard feel free to do so. If not I will probably do it sometime this week.


Forum: Jordan vs. Bird: One on One

Thread: Start of run

Started by: RantronBombRantronBomb

I want to discuss an issue I had while reviewing a recent submission for this game. I was confused because the player was beginning each of their runs at the "Choose your option" screen instead of the title screen. I was worried that the runner may have been using a save state to bypass the title screen instead of resetting the game after a failed attempt. After further testing I found that the player can cancel their current match and return to the "choose your option" screen by pressing the start button during the match. I feel that normally a speedrun should begin with power on or a hard reset. In this case a hard reset would bring you to the title screen. I feel that this game is a special circumstance because it has a built in mechanic that allows you to reset your match without affecting any RNG elements.


Forum: Skate or Die: Bad 'n' Rad

Thread: Emulator alowed?

Started by: BlinkdorBlinkdor

Thanks for your interest in the game. The allowed emulators are BGB and Gambatte. I have added this information to the rules section.


Forum: Sub-Terrania

Thread: NTSC and PAL speed differences

Started by: salientghostsalientghost

Would you suggest that we create separate categories for PAL and NTSC versions?


Forum: WWF Royal Rumble

Thread: Difficulty

Started by: ZBRZBR

Currently there are no difficulty requirements. If the community agrees to it then we can create new difficulty categories.

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Forum: WWF Royal Rumble

Thread: More Match Types

Started by: Zulite173WVGUZulite173WVGU

I am slightly confused can you please clarify for me? Would these be just single match runs? What would you suggest for the beginning/ending of timing? We don't have Singles Match or Tag Team Match categories currently.


Forum: The Chessmaster (GB)

Thread: Leaderboard Adjustments

Started by: RantronBombRantronBomb

It has been brought to my attention that the top three times on this leaderboard are actually runs from another GB game called The New Chessmaster. I will be removing those times from this leaderboard and plan to migrate them to the correct leaderboard. If a leaderboard for The New Chessmaster does not exist then I plan on doing my own run of the game and creating the leaderboard.

Usually when approving a submission I will compare the run with another from the leaderboard to avoid these types of issues. I must have gotten confused because The Chessmaster and The New Chessmaster have very similar layouts. I apologize for any inconvenience this causes to the runners affected. Feel free to contact me via Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, etc..


Forum: Captain America and The Avengers (NES)

Thread: Co-op?


I went ahead and changed the name of the category to Battle Mode.


Forum: NBA Jam

Thread: Timing in Milliseconds

Started by: RantronBombRantronBomb

I went ahead and changed the timing format to require milliseconds. I also went through and re-timed the top three submissions in the SNES category as well as the top submission for the GEN category. I felt that this was a necessary change because the top three submissions in the SNES category were all within about 1 second of each other. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Forum: Guerrilla War

Thread: Normal Category?

Started by: RantronBombRantronBomb

(edited: )

Thanks but I’m curious as to why it is considered a Miscellaneus category.


Forum: NBA Jam

Thread: Timing in Milliseconds

Started by: RantronBombRantronBomb

It looks like the top of the leaderboard now has some very competitive runs. With the top times so close to each other should we change the timing format to milliseconds?

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Forum: Color a Dinosaur

Thread: Individual Levels

Started by: RantronBombRantronBomb

I would like to start a discussion with the ColAD community about the timing for Individual Levels. I feel that timing should start when the runner selects the dinosaur. I had a runner submit runs that began timing when the dinosaur appears on screen. I feel that proper timing is very important when speedrunning, especially for short Individual Levels. When do you think the timing for Individual Levels should begin?

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Forum: Stone Protectors

Thread: timing rule change

Started by: Jesse_LeeJesse_Lee

I see that Technickle has mod experience. I have added Technickle as a mod. Would requiring a timer to be displayed during the run help at all?

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Forum: Guerrilla War

Thread: Normal Category?

Started by: RantronBombRantronBomb

Can a mod please add a "Normal" category?


Forum: The Three Stooges

Thread: please add $10k and $20k categories

Started by: puke7puke7

I have become a moderator for this game and I want to let people know what actions I am taking to improve it. Following the suggestions made by the community I have added two new categories for the NES these include $10K and $20K. I would also like to ask the community if the Any% category should be renamed to $5k. The new Any% category can be a "quick fail" run to obtain the worst ending.

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Forum: The Lost Vikings 2

Thread: No runs?

Started by: [Deleted user]

This is an awesome game. Please consider running it.