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Forum: Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Thread: First Debt NG+/ All Debts NG+ category Idea

Started by: RandomizeRandomize

Since getting First Debt/ All Debts require a brand new save (basically deleting your town and starting from scratch) I was thinking maybe we could have a NG+ where you pay off your first/all debts with a second villager. You are still starting with a new character but in the same town. Some things are available to you earlier obviously which is why I call it NG+. Thoughts?

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Forum: Luigi's Mansion 3

Thread: Co-op?

Started by: RandomizeRandomize

Could there be a category for Co-op? Or would it technically still be any% since Co-op is just Googi out all the time?


Forum: Super Mario Party

Thread: All Gems Rule Change

Started by: TboyTboy

Slightly hard to say if people can skip or not since technically in Party Boards you can lose all the boards and still get the gem. So I think for that one at least, skipping could be allowed.


Forum: Mighty Gunvolt Burst

Thread: How do I do an NG+ run?

Started by: Tetsuo9999Tetsuo9999

NG+ starts on file select. Basically, you can upgrade your character as high as you want, then when you are done and beat the game, go back to file select. Go to the file you want and when you select, start your timer. NG+ rules are basically the same as NG but you just have to go through all the levels again (recommending to just go in order of the stages to keep track easier). timer stops the same as NG. Make sense?


Forum: Mighty No. 9

Thread: Leaderboard location

Started by: CloakyHunterCloakyHunter

People still used for all/most megaman related games. Since MN9 is a bite off, we also stayed on that website. The official times are there still.


Forum: Mighty Gunvolt Burst

Thread: Discord?

Started by: RandomizeRandomize

Do we have a discord for mighty gunvolt and mighty gunvolt burst runners? I feel it would be a good idea for routing and knowing who is submitting to GDQs.


Forum: Mighty Gunvolt Burst

Thread: Why no Beck Any%? Is he considered bad compared to Gunvolt?

Started by: RetroNutcaseRetroNutcase

I'll be working a lot on beck NG and beck NG+ since I was one of those you know... mn9 runners you can say ¤cringes for reactions of why I was a mn9 runner¤ lol


Forum: Mario Party: Island Tour

Thread: Do I have to win?

Started by: RandomizeRandomize

Cool thanks! And if we wanted to could we play with more than 1 CPU?


Forum: Mario Party: Island Tour

Thread: Do I have to win?

Started by: RandomizeRandomize

Do I have to win in each board to consider the split? or even if the CPU finishes it counts?

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Forum: Mighty No. 9

Thread: Routing?

Started by: VibraKnifeVibraKnife

in reality going with 5 first will speed your game up because his weapon is the strongest weapon and will allow the I-frame glitch to work early game


Forum: The Sims 4

Thread: 500,000 routes?

Started by: The_lone_pieThe_lone_pie

what category are you talking about? I know for maxed job% I use music because the piano and guitar keep my sim happy and then use the shower to get inspired and promote faster. What I'm trying to think of doing is if its worth having a second sim to take care of food and social. but if you keep your sim as a loner social is out of the question. Routing is weird in this game there is no just one route I feel like.


Forum: Distance

Thread: Newest update (5070) takes out jet rolls

Started by: RandomizeRandomize

Seems like the beginning few levels on the adventure takes out jet rolls for awhile even when you get the wings... looks like unless they bring that back the old versions will be the fastest times... bummer... hopefully they'll bring them back otherwise to get jet rolls right away might have to do some different category like Arcade - All Official Levels% lol


Forum: Outlast

Thread: anyone do whistleblower any% tutorial?

Started by: RandomizeRandomize

I'd love to learn whistleblower any% but haven't seen a FULL tutorial. Has anyone done one and just not put under "Resources" tab?