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I picked up the Midway Classic Arcade PSP game that has arcade version of Joust on it. Before I request to have a new page created, would you all be willing to create an Arcade section? If not, after I run it tonight I can submit to create a separate page.


NP. I had my brother read this conversation and I over reacted. I’ve had a long and miserable week at work and lashed out. I’m sorry for being cantankerous.


NMG still allows glitches. So my question apparently is answered by, “No, you don’t have a Glitchless Category.” I mentioned in my original post, that I accidentally deleted, that I read Category Extentions (because of the sticky).


If you are interested in joining a Zapper community, please use the following Discord Invite.


If you are interested in joining a Zapper community, please use the following Discord Invite.


I purchased the Atari Vault on Steam. Can I submit a run for that, or do I have to stick with emulation?


Can we divide out the leaderboard between Zapper and Controller? There are a couple of us working on Zapper runs, but I think the run is different in the sense the controller doesn’t fatigue you like the Zapper does.

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We probably don't need to create a new category until there is a submission. The mod on Kickstarter failed , so there is not a huge demand for them. Also, the leaderboard here isn't that long, so it is a low probability that someone with the LCD mod actually posts a time.

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At this point, I think we should make sure that it is annotated in the notes that the cart modified for LCD. Not exactly a ban per say, but ensuring mods are aware so they can scrutinize it to see if it is fair.


The other thing is with Neutral Glitchless you have to abort Genocide run eventually. You have to spare a boss somewhere, and Muffet is the last possible boss you can spare to abort. If you kill Muffet I believe you are stuck on Genocide.


Guide is up. If you have any feedback PM me on Twitter or post here.


Next week I'll publish a guide to Game C. The guide will have each Wave and map out the patterns for the Gunslingers. I'm hoping it will help me nab the WR. It should also help new people with the run.

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Have the rules defined when timing begins and ends? I have been starting time when I select the game mode and ending time when it give me the "Good", "Nice", or "Master." Should I be ending time when I make the last shot?


I just watched your run, I didn’t realize you did it on an Apple II. At one point I downloaded a Mac emulator to try to do a speedrun on Mac, but the security questions blocked me.

How do other games with multiple platform releases handle their leaderboards? Do they sperate entirely like FInal Fantasy 1 on the NES just did from the other releases?

I don’t think it’s a big deal at this point since almost no one runs Wizardry, but if it begins to grow it may be a question to think about with so many releases.


That makes much more sense than how it was. I’ve been watching poopins run to learn the Glitchless run.


I hold it the way the Army trained me. I have a smaller CRT, so I’m sitting about 5 feet from the TV. What works for me is to hold the zapper out and focus on the front sight post. I initial aim the zapper just above the grass in the middle and flick it to the ducks. Sometimes I can catch them right as they are coming off the ground.

I know this is an old thread, but I’m new to the run.

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It’s cool that a lot of new people are running Adventure.

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It would appear that it won't display on Google Chrome. It shows up on IE.


What happened to the box art for the page? It was there last week and is no longer on the page as I can see it either on my phone or computer.


I was looking at picking up one of the newest Atari Flashback Gold for the HDMI out and the Bluetooth joysticks. If I used that, would it count as doing it on hardware and not as an emulator?


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