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Thread: Kill Oliver Swanick%

Started by: WonderWharfWonderWharf

This will sadly never be a speedrun category. However, you are more than welcome to run it and post your time somewhere. It just won't have a leaderboard 🙂

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Thread: How i can create new category of speed run

Started by: ChadJacketChadJacket

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Due to this being a very specific and arbitrary rule set it likely won't be a category however there is nothing stopping you from doing a run and posting it in the discord to show off. If the run is really good it could get considered 🙂

side note: Ranger Sequoia is not unique

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Forum: Fallout: New Vegas

Thread: Rules clarification for Crashes with Any% Glitchless Single Segment

Started by: HerresyVGCHerresyVGC

If the game crashes, then yes the run is dead. However glitchless runs do not often crash if you have the 4gb patch and the ini fixes 🙂

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Forum: Cyberpunk 2077

Thread: Where is autosplitter?

Started by: _Androni4__Androni4_

Making an autosplitter for this game is a nightmare but I am working on it. Due to the updates I've not fully committed to making one as it would just break 🙂

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Thread: Continuing Infinite Dash through Legate camp

Started by: foxisaacfoxisaac

It happens quite often however there's a decent chance you get launched and won't hit the trigger for Lanius to spawn making it risky. By all means, try it if you wish. 🙂


Forum: Fallout: New Vegas

Thread: I just cant speedcripple.

Started by: ValorousValorous

For speedcripple you need to quick load as it explodes. However 2-Handed weapons change your normal animation which removes the extra speed while you have the weapon equipped. Just un-equip or switch to a 1 handed weapon to see the effect.

However in New Vegas speedcripple is obsolete and not really needed for anything anymore 🙂

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Thread: Guide for a console run any%?

Started by: MyStIcGnOmE33MyStIcGnOmE33

I am fairly certain the only xbox 360 run was pretty much glitchless so you can try 360 runs but some glitches may not work as well. The Xbox one route should be the same as long as you can clip.


Forum: Fallout 3

Thread: Guide for a console run any%?

Started by: MyStIcGnOmE33MyStIcGnOmE33

If you look on the leaderboards and sort by Xbox one you’ll be able to see the current route. The glitches used are quite different but the route is similar enough. Make sure to look at kungs glitch list (it’s under guides)to learn block boosting. The rest you should be able to figure out with practice 🙂

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Thread: help

Started by: Shadjk516Shadjk516

Since fallout 3 itself is extremely unstable it may not be able to launch on Linux but common causes of the game not working (for windows anyway) are;

Not running as admin
Having an anti-virus not let the game access the .ini
Running fallout3.exe not the launcher

I don't think anyone has tried running the game through wine but its best to join the discord to see if anyone there has another solution 🙂


Forum: Fallout 3

Thread: How to remove the light at the exit of the shelter?

Started by: miwakymiwaky

You can't just remove it but in screen effects make sure the game is in HDR and it will make it far easier to see 🙂

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