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Game Name: Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped
System: PS1 (playing on PS2 with FDS)
Category: Any% (No Item Glitch)
Gameplay Estimate: 50 minutes (Execute me live if I don't get at least 47)
Possible Donation Incentives: $10,000 directly funneled into my bank account to keep the SFX on.
Sample run video:

Description: idiot in a fursuit wipes his ass all over history and time, 105% stinks
Availability: anything not midnight to 6am Australian Eastern Daylight Time should work out


Penta is a cheat code so he's banned in ~real~ categories, All Cups is, as Beta said, arbitrary but even arbitrary categories don't allow cheats unless that's the explicit intent of the category. I don't care much for arbitrary category debate but I'd have to agree with Penta being banned from both Max% and All Cups.

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He's decided to remove them because he's "done with the game".

The times will be maintained on the boards until he improves them, or there is evidence of a secondary motive (cheating etc.)

Juicy hot n' spicy chat log:

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We decided to remove pretty much all the ILs because 1) we could have never kept them properly up to date and consistent. 2) They were rarely used anyways.

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If the category uses FDS then w/e emulator you want, cause the loading screens will never be faster than FDS anyways. If it's a non-FDS category then probably ePSXe 1.9 is the best bet.