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Thread: hello, we have found an cheated in game

Started by: PikachuPikachu

@SioNSioN Looks like they meant uploading to the site instead of downloading. Different direction.

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Thread: 1-3 Letters

Started by: LorLor

didn't know we had O'Rangers fans here


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Thread: Speed Running in the 2010's VS. Speedrunning now

Started by: [Deleted user]

Google Trends actually seems to support the speed run -> speedrun shift. In web searches, the terms start to tie in 2017 and speedrun pulls ahead in 2020. With YouTube searches the change happened between 2014 and 2015.

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Thread: Runs with videos with uneven frames

Started by: PullMatroxPullMatrox

It would be a tie. I'd put down 10.267 instead (rounding .26666666... to .267), but it makes no difference if you're consistent.

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Thread: Runs with videos with uneven frames

Started by: PullMatroxPullMatrox

Online frame timers have their limitations with non-integer framerates; for perfect precision you'll want to download it and analyze it with a program like Avidemux or Yua. In this case, it looks like the true framerate is 58.8333... fps.

Different video framerates offer no advantage if you know how to counter them. If you want ultimate precision, you first have to determine the game's framerate. It looks to be about 30 fps. Then, simply adjust the milliseconds value of runs to be fractions of that framerate, in this case thirtieths of a second (.033, .067, .100, etc.). When working with videos with nonstandard framerates, sometimes you have to make guesses (you usually round down), but you won't be off by more than a frame.

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Thread: Help with creating a new category/"game"

Started by: RetroBro1221RetroBro1221

You'll have to do it elsewhere; those types of runs are only on the site because they are meme categories of actual games. Without a "splitting apples" videogame, you can't get a leaderboard here.

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Thread: jackzfiml you gotta chill

Started by: SizzylSizzyl

It's worth noting that comments count as posts, so at minimum new threads don't have to be created all the time.

I've just stopped reading anything on the Talk forum, it's not worth my time.

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Thread: do i need age to speedrun?

Started by: Joonamatias.exeJoonamatias.exe

@Speed_geometrySpeed_geometry For clarification, being 13 is a legal requirement. does not have the power to change internet safety laws.

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Thread: Empty post thread (The way you do it is [center][/center])

Started by: jackzfimljackzfiml

mumble mumble we've already established the zero-width space is more efficient mumble mumble


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Thread: Site Icon

Started by: JuegArielJuegAriel

It looks like SRC finally got favicons working (woo!), which is why going to games which have set them up shows different images. It seems the option to change one's own theme favicon was removed years ago, but those images were still stored, hence the "bug". Should be simple enough to add the option back.

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Thread: Can't figure out how to display LiveSplitOne splits on OBS (mac)

Started by: SkooplesSkooples

If no one can help you further with that, you could always try using a window capture of a LiveSplitOne in browser and adding a crop filter to your tastes.

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Thread: Ads

Started by: [Deleted user]

I can't remember that ever having been promised, but your word is as good as mine. Nothing's in the site update news posts, but there may be info on the forums.

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Thread: It is 1:51am

Started by: MeuntralMeuntral

I'm still wondering what kind of weirdo timezone O.D.W is living in where he's 50 minutes off the hour

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Thread: This game should have been added

Started by: Skittlesguy2x4

While the game is certainly higher quality than a lot of Scratch games, it is too short to be accepted under the normal rules. The (kinda official?) guidelines are that a casual playthrough should be longer than five minutes at the minimum; this game has three levels (it's in the title) which each take less than a minute.

I have to say, you're pretty committed to getting a bunch of games on the site; your enthusiasm is appreciated. Just don't try and mod farm...

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Thread: Remaking songs speedrun?

Started by: SadsongspeedrunnerSadsongspeedrunner

How do you standardize a creative activity in leaderboard videos?

You'd best be looking for "one minute song" videos on YouTube or something. It might be entertaining, but it's not a speedrun.


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Thread: Is it right/ok to do blind speedruns to easier games?

Started by: RatRatRatRat

@MadGamer1984MadGamer1984 This is why blind runs are casual and only really performed for entertainment and training purposes; there's no true consistency between runs.

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Thread: Enhancement request - add the ability to follow users, like we follow games

Started by: 2snek2snek

It's been brought up multiple times before on the site, consensus remains that it just isn't worth it for the site developers to implement this when one can easily follow a runner's accounts on other sites. For your "community", you may want to consider creating a Discord server where you can discuss (and if this is for a specific game, form a single place to communicate).


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Thread: Icons not updating

Started by: GhostHNWGhostHNW

Have you tried refreshing your browser cache (Ctrl+F5)? Your browser downloads some files so it doesn't have to download the same files every time; this can mean it doesn't update when the file changes.

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Thread: I have a question

Started by: Skittlesguy2x4

The only way it would be accepted to the site is if you managed to build a community of many people speedrunning the game. That's why I wished you luck—that's a very tough task.

A game not being accepted to the site doesn't mean you can't post your own speedruns on YouTube, though.

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Thread: I have a question

Started by: Skittlesguy2x4

(edited: )

If the site moderators come off as rude, that's probably because they've seen many submissions like this. But I don't think they're treating you unfairly:

@Oreo321Oreo321 already explained how "Hay Day" is an "endless game with [an] arbitrary [goal]." Dumb Ways to Die is a different style of game, but one that is still an endless game with an arbitrary goal—play the same minigames either for a high score or to unlock characters on the title screen. In any case, there's not too much room to optimize the minigames, and no way to optimize the structure of the game, such as which minigames appear.

Acceptable games for this site are going to be games with more formal structures, as detailed here. This isn't just arbitrary, but because speedruns of these games are themselves less arbitrary and more popular as a result. Exceptions are made for games which have existing, healthy speedrun communities; if you're committed enough to build those with these games, I wish you luck.

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