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Thread: Bug on the Leaderboards

Started by: BennoBenno

This seems unintended, I would ask a moderator for the leaderboard to make sure HDD is not set as a default variable.

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Thread: How do you retime runs on Twitch?

Started by: Oreo321Oreo321

Which is why I prefer runs hosted on YouTube.
Worst comes to worst, the retimer can screenrecord the entire run into a new video and retime that.

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Thread: Report a site bug

Started by: ZephilesZephiles

@GarshGarsh I can only guess that the site recognizes that 74 seconds is 1 minute and 14 seconds, so it's changing the seconds value but not the minutes value, which would be unintended. Are you typing 74 into the seconds box, or 1 into the minutes box and 14 into the seconds box?

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Thread: Speedrunning with a disability

Started by: thkobythkoby

I'd also recommend halfcoordinated, who for similar reasons speedruns with only one hand. Look into controller rebindings for single-hand play.

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Thread: Why speedrunning?

Started by: Venom999Venom999

Score points have also lost relevancy in a lot of modern games and genres. Playing games quickly (and improving your skills to be able to move quickly) is not only more natural than an arbitrary points system, but timeless.


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Thread: C.O.P. The Recruit

Started by: GoosePlays20GoosePlays20

You'll want to request the game if you want your run to be on the site. Make sure to read the rules.

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Thread: Game Rejection: "This does not appear to be notable."

Started by: ItayooItayoo

(edited: )

Even so, that game (and its developer, jmtb02) are some of the most popular on Flash, and the developer's works are more polished than many other webgames. It's not directly comparable to the game on this thread.

Regardless, @PASRCPASRC is correct: the rules do not apply retroactively.

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Thread: Arguments Against the New Rules For Submitting Games/Clarification Needed

Started by: ResolutionSSBResolutionSSB

Might as well add that the restriction refers to the length of an average playthrough, not a speedrun. SMB does not take 5 minutes to complete for someone new to it.

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Thread: Report a site bug

Started by: ZephilesZephiles

Links at the end of blockquotes do not lead to the correct address.

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Thread: runs going to wrong category

Started by: drugdrug

Make sure you already have the appropriate category selected when you click "Submit run".

It seems all your runs which have been verified already are in their correct categories.

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Thread: Greetz Peepz

Started by: BennoBenno

Welcome! OBS is your friend, there should be plenty of tutorials for it on YouTube.

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Thread: Epilogue Game Boy Operator - Accepted for runs?

Started by: ArhysArhys

The site you linked states that mGBA is used as the main means of emulation. mGBA should be fairly accurate, but this is once again a thing decided by leaderboards on an individual basis. There are definitely more accurate ways of emulating GB and GBC games.

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Thread: Pokemon gold silver SNES bootleg

Started by: jojoretrogamerjojoretrogamer

(edited: )

@jojoretrogamerjojoretrogamer I would say that romhacks found on Ebay would be considered fangames if they are available on the internet for free (or in very rare circumstances, paid). It's more that fangames treat the source material with care, which is something bootlegs do not do. But a random person taking a romhack, putting it on a cartridge, and selling it wouldn't make it a bootleg.

Also, most fangame creators know that trying to make money off of fangames is a great way to get a copyright strike, so they don't do it.


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Thread: * This text uses a translation app. Question whether cleaning inside Super Nintendo and peripherals is illegal

Started by: miso0369miso0369

[Everything you say is legal.]

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Thread: My new game I uploaded to

Started by: Cardboard7777Cardboard7777

Also note that Scratch Cat Racing is a Scratch game, meaning it will likely not meet notability standards.

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Thread: Bots deletion thread

Started by: GyooGyoo

Looks like Tanny746 might have changed their name to sheemer, if that previous link doesn't work.


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Thread: new

Started by: Abcde2916Abcde2916

For most games, no. Always check for individual games by reading the Game Rules, asking questions in their forum or Discord, or just looking at videos already on those leaderboards.

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Thread: OBS Problem

Started by: Sandstorm187Sandstorm187

I would advise lowering your recording settings (framerate, resolution, bitrate) to see if that helps—thhis would use less of your computer's resources. This does not look like an issue specific to your computer.

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Thread: French - L'univers du speedrun.

Started by: Belle_InfortuneBelle_Infortune

Les speedruns VR sont hébergés sur ce site. Dans la barre du haut, allez dans «Jeux» (Games) -> «Tous les jeux» (All games), puis au chargement de la page, sélectionnez des plateformes VR spécifiques (Oculus, Index, Vive, etc.).

À l'avenir, veuillez créer de nouveaux messages sur le forum pour vos questions, sans utiliser d'anciens. Bienvenue sur!

[Google Traduction]

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Thread: Wow.

Started by: Ranboo

Is it just me or does anyone else see that in Pear's comment, @Ranboo is not shown as banned despite @Nihachu being shown accurately? I wonder if it's based on who was banned at the time of the comment.

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