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Thread: Favorite drinks?

Started by: LorLor


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Thread: Electricity bills

Started by: [Deleted user]

about $150/mo because I have like 1.5 Servers running

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Thread: does copyrighted music invalidate your runs?

Started by: AKM8081AKM8081

Originally posted by AKM8081I've recently done a speedrun in which i had some background music that was copyrighted is that going to make my run not valid?

IMO don't put music under your run.
It makes it harder to watch for anyone - you might like the music, but others might not.

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Thread: Create a tool to anonymize a submitted time on a leaderboard

Started by: sunflowersunflower

Originally posted by ShikenNuggetsThis is sort of already possible. If you edit a run and change the 'Player' field to something that isn't the username of somebody on the site (for example "[Anonymous]" with the square brackets), this will disassociate the run from the user and turn it into a "guest" run. You'll have to remove the video link, run comment, etc manually and keep track of all that information on your own if you wish to be able to reinstate them, however (you could find the video link and run comment in the audit log, but there's no real way to search the audit log for specific things at the moment).

As for the possibility of making this a proper feature, I think having hidden run information would create a lot of technical problems with how the site currently works, and thinking outside of this specific use case I'm not sure that making it easier to suppress users' runs in this way is a fantastic idea.

you can also do something like they did on and put flags in so it doesn't look out of place!

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Thread: Investing in a Capture Card For Switch, Suggestions?

Started by: AlexisDRAlexisDR

Originally posted by "AlexisDR
I don't really care about much else.

That's a bad attitude, really.
Do you want one that's outside of your PC, or inside?
What do you want to record with it? for Classic Consoles you need different ports than for e.g. PS4 or Switch.
What resolutions & framerates do you need to be able to get? 480i/p, 576i/p, 720i/p, up to 1080i/p? 30fps, 50fps, 60fps?

Can't really give an informed suggestion without details.
else you'll get a recommendation and end up with wasting money because you need something else.


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Thread: Allow future Release dates

Started by: AntiElitzAntiElitz

just use the date it went into early access? early access is basically a soft-release.


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Thread: Feedback thread

Started by: PacPac

How about some sort of "Game Language" identifier? similar to how Console Region flags work right now. many consoles aren't region locked, and especially in, say, europe, there's a lot of languages that differ immensely for many games.

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Thread: Slow Internet Upload Speed *question*

Started by: HeroSporkHeroSpork

Originally posted by Lustful_Lingeriehello guys i just ran hitman absolution and recorded my gameplay with obs and now i have to upload but heres the problem i have 1mb upload speed ik its bad. and it will take forever to upload onto youtube file is like 29gb. is there anyway around this like if i had a friend upload it for me? any ideas please let me know thanks!

Your upload isn't too bad, I have to upload on a 300kbit/s line.
To get to your issue, you would want to compress it (otherwise knows as re-encode or render) with a good codec to shrink the filesize.

I can recommend MeGUI (outputs mkv and mp4) or VirtualDub (only takes AVI) for that, as both are free.
Otherwise you can obviously look at Tools like Sony Vegas, Davinci Resolve, Camtasia Studio, etc. which will also do the job perfectly fine.

The final filesize will still heavily depend on your Resolution & Framerate though.


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Thread: [OBS Studio] Can't record a specific game

Started by: ShtrudelShtrudel

Does "Display Capture" pick it up? If it does, you could apply a "Crop/Pad" Filter to it and display only the game's window.


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Thread: I like speedrunning, but I feel like since I was forced to use project 64 1.6 it hasn't been the same

Started by: GalactagaGalactaga

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Could also get a N64 or Wii with VC and not have to ramble about how certain emulators aren't allowed,
when they're already pretty gracious to even allow emulator in the first place. :^)
to repost from the dozens of threads about this on the sm64 forum: the newer versions are less accurate than 1.6, simple as that.


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Thread: new paywall

Started by: SuperM789SuperM789

doesn't also only support to be displayed on run pages?
at least from a perspective of submitting runs, has a monopoly.


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Thread: Level Leaderboard: Timing?

Started by: QueenVanrænQueenVanræn

(edited: )

Thank you for the quick response,
I submitted a test-run from a fresh save (cuz old save had an embarassing name).

Maybe it's because this was a gathering quest? but it said 0:02 and was counting down.
after those 2s the 20s countdown-message for ending the quest appeared,
and checking it again a bit later it counted down to the loss-of control trigger
(funnily enough, was again at 2s when I checked)

Since there isn't a time displayed on the result-screen like in later titles,
I've submitted the video as RTA for now.
timing from end of loading screen,
to when the message for the quest ending appeared at the top of the screen.

Will try with a hunting quest in a bit, to see if there's a difference.

tested a hunting quest, even if I hit quest info the instant I finish the quest,
it has a 3s countdown, which then starts the 1 minute countdown.

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Thread: While trying speedrun Outlast, livesplit doesnt show up in full screen mode

Started by: gerekgerek

Originally posted by "gerek" full screen mode

Because that's how full-screen mode works?
nothing can overlay onto a full-screen application.
play in windowed if you need to see livesplit or get a 2nd monitor.

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Thread: Level Leaderboard: Timing?

Started by: QueenVanrænQueenVanræn


I've recently bought a new battery for my PSP,
and my Monster Hunter disc still works.

I don't have the time for long runs,
so I will stick to single quests.

When do I start the timer,
and when do I stop it?

Thank you for your consideration,
looking forward to posting times.


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Thread: You Know You Speedrun Too Much When…

Started by: ImrahilImrahil

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@bugmenotbugmenot I have hands, but there's a bunch of useless meat on my chest, which is a bit in the way.
I'll stick to the cross-pulling method pretty much all women use, it doesn't lose any time and doesn't get stuck at the chest.

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Thread: Run Suggestions

Started by: actuallyintrovertedactuallyintroverted

Sesame Street Fighter


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Thread: Is it possible to see a list of pending or rejected runs of another user?

Started by: Oreo321Oreo321

of course you can, but I don't think you can reach them via site-only means.


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Thread: why are my runs getting rejected

Started by: TavoBetancourt

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I agree with the mods, so funny that one forgets to laugh.

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Thread: Anyway I can post a youtube link without a huge embed?

Started by: DNVICDNVIC

Like you do on reddit, you put square brackets for the text and then directly followed by regular brackets with the link.