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Thread: SGW Auto Splitter

Started by: QuainttQuaintt

Hey all, I just wanted to make a post saying that I finished writing an Auto Splitter for SGW.

I’ve made it to be compliant with the current RTA ruleset. The script starts the run when you first gain control of the character and splits whenever it detects a level change. It’s also set to split at the end of the final level, when the fade to black reaches 100%.

The script also supports removing load times, so a future load-less category might be possible.

If you run into any problems with it, let me know and I’ll do my best to fix it accordingly.


Forum: Damnation

Thread: Co-Op Category?

Started by: QuainttQuaintt

I'm looking into running this game with a friend and I was wondering about the potential for a Co-Op run. Is there any possibility of the addition of a Co-Op category?

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Forum: Alpha Zylon

Thread: Potential New Category

Started by: Captain-No-BeardCaptain-No-Beard

I think the 66% category is a good idea, especially given the frequency that mission 3 softlocks.

Another category that might be worth considering is a run of all of the 2D sections (roughly a 57.143% run, if the baseball bat segment is included). As we know, the FPS sections of mission 1 and 2 are essentially 5+ minutes of minimal gameplay. We also know that the game loves to crash in the FPS sections of missions 1 and 3. Given this, perhaps a category of just the side-scroller sections would improve the pacing and stability of a tri-mission run?

"Kill 'em all in 2D and [not] 3D"?

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