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Started by: Laika_the_SpacedogLaika_the_Spacedog

In my language additionally to pronouns, almost every noun, adjective and article indicates gender. So I cannot just think “they” or “$username” and not assume gender. My brain (just like all of those who have less gendered languages) always assumes gender. But even if I had a way of keeping gender out of my language, I am still living in a society where gender is assumed for everyone. (I definitely have the assumption that most users on this platform are male.)

Might be, you are “usually correct“ although you don’t care. But for quite some people your “oops, I made this mistake once, please just correct my mistake” is the same for most people. Meaning: A lot of people are “by mistake” misgendering specific persons that don’t fit their expectations. So to those often misgendered persons, it’s a painful everyday situation to get misgendered and they might have no resources left to correct all those people who spend their one mistake on exactly them.

Something like a pronoun field could safe all people from getting misgendered.

And since it’s an information that’s basic to my language, I need it whenever I think or talk about a person or interact with them. So on a place where people interact, I’d very much appreciate it, if this information was as easily accessible as the personal information “name”.

(They pronouns for me, please.)

Also to make up a “we” versus “they” already implies that people who don’t fit your expectations (who are the “diverse” to your “normal”) are excluded up front and have to fight to be included in a not “diverse” community. But so far I thought SRC isn’t a platform that only allows binary dya cis people to speedrun. So hopefully the idea was that anyone can speedrun and be part of the community and not be excluded as “diverse” or has to accept getting misgendered.

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