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@23Banzaj I like that you (probably) made that button ontop of the runs to split the TA enabled and disabled runs, that way it's easy to access and nobody gets memed on for not using it. Good work!


How is splitting the categories making the game more dead? If you split it you make the game more fair for people who don't like TA like me but you also give people a new more challenging cat to run which is probably going to work out better in the long run.


I like the your plan with the two categories @23Banzaj that way it's a win-win for everyone. Also like I said @Tanya I like the slower pace ArmA games have, in my opinion that's what makes ArmA different from other faster games like BF and CoD.


Well I can only talk about myself here, but TA makes ArmA more boring for me, since I enjoy the downtime between Objectives and with TA you just turn it into some fast paced mess that I wouldn't call ArmA anymore.


I personally don't like Time Acceleration, but I don't think we should throw it in the bin either, best course of action from my POV would be to put it in a misc category called "Any% Time Acceleration Enabled" or something like that to seperate it from the non TA runs. But that's just my opinion, we should probably try to get into contact with the other runners to see their POV.