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Nice! Thank you 😃


Hey im being quite active on this page so i can be a mod too if you still need one...


If anyone thinks of a new category to add to this game, feel free to post it here and i’ll see if i can add it. 😉


haha ok, ill try to upload a run as soon as i can 😉


hey, so i was bored and i remembered this game so i checked it again and i thought of a new category. Kind kingdom 100%, as this is the only level that you dont complete entirely at the Any% run. Basically try to get all the sad guys happy and take down all bullies. So, it would be completing only that level, but with 100/100 kindness and all that stuff.
Or we can make level leaderboards for each of the four levels.
idk, i was bored, if you like any of those ideas,then add it i guess. 😛


hey i just thought of a new category: A low%. You need to get to the end with 0/100 mails. So basically you have to avoid all the mail on the road.
Sounds like a meme category, but might be fun 😛


just thought of a new category by trying to get all achievements of the game including buying the whole shop, unlocking all characters, getting all skulls, etc. Basically like a 100%.
idk, i was bored and i remembered this game and thought of this after checking it again lol 😛


Ok so, i was trying to get the WR for this game: , because the only run this game had was really unoptimized, so i thought it would be easy to beat that record and i gave it a try. The thing is that when i started speedrunning it i noticed that the WR is literally impossible to beat because the old version of the game (in which the guy made his run) doesnt exist anymore and it has been replaced with a new one where they added a couple more levels, thus making the game a bit more longer.
The problem is that if it wasnt for those new things i could actually beat that time and get the WR.
So my question is: What happens when a record is literally imposible to beat because the game is not playable anymore (or it doesnt exist, like in my case). Can i do something about it?
I really dont know where to write this thread.
Anyway, Thanks!

(sorry for the bad english btw xD)


its the same as always, the right click thing, you know. Haha, Good Luck 😉

Edit: Ok so i just got a 0:06 and i think thats the lowest it can go, so if you can get a 0:06 i guess you can share first place with me and if you can beat it then that would be great, but i dont think so, the glitches dont seem to be done within a 5 sec pace. Anyway, i think im done for this game so good luck!


gg again >:D. This glitches thing escalated quickly lol, we went from 2 min to 10 sec in a blast. But it was fun! 😃


Ok so, to do the glitch i made in my run, you need to have your character moving or hitting a wall. If its hitting a wall, you should keep going forward and jumping in front of the wall. This will cause the level to "vibrate". When you notice that, you inmediatly open a new tab and then close it. This can be done by right clicking and choosing the "more games" option, opening a new tab to or you can do it by pressing Control + T (to open a new tab) and Control + W (to close the tab). Anyway, this can be done in every room of the dungeon, but you need to be careful where to do it because it sometimes breaks the game or takes you a couple of levels back.
If you have any other glitch, you can post it here if you want to 😛.


Hey, i would like to be moderator for this game as i did a speedrun but i noticed there werent any mods (?). If not at least accept my run i guess.

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