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Not really active in this community so I don't know how much y'all would value my input, but I agree totally. I don't know why there are extra stipulations for Any% in the first place, generally Any% just means "beat the game as fast as possible". Maybe change the Any% rules but make a new category for all tokens?

This was a completely blind run. I had some graphical issues with my emulator that make it impossible to see Donald's shadow while jumping in some levels, so the third boss took forever. Same graphical issues layer the final boss' attacks on top of everything else so I have no concept of how far away the fire is. It's a miracle I ever finished the run. If anybody has any tips for how I could fix these graphical issues, please let me know. Once I fix these I will try again. I used PJ64 1.6 with Jabu's Direct3D 8.1.6, which is the newest plugin I could find.


I'd like to invite anybody looking for a new speed game to try out Lilo & Stitch 2 on GBA. It's a great game that was usually overlooked because it came out on GBA after the DS came out, and I'd like to build a community for it. We don't have many runners and I'm the only active one at the moment, but it's easy to learn.

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Good job. I've known about this glitch before but haven't really been able to repeat it until now. The reason it happens is because when the camera isn't focused on Lilo, she doesn't have any object collision. Also, moving objects are despawned when the camera isn't on them to save processing power. There are probably more uses for this glitch because I don't think it's exclusive to Slushy, although it would only work in levels where Lilo only has one experiment with her, which might just be Lilo 2 now that I think of it. There might still be uses for it in other parts of the game though. The only issue I see with this glitch is it's really easy to die while attempting it and you have to force a death in the last Stitch level already, which only leaves one life for the last Lilo level for the Sparky glitch. There's Japanese box art for it so I think it was distributed in Japan somewhere. This game was super unpopular because it came out after the DS came out so not a lot people played it or heard about it. It's possible that it was distributed in Japan but no one really bought the game.


Also, the Spanish PAL version of the game seems to have faster text. Saves a few seconds from the tutorial stages because there's less button mashing to do. I'll try out the other languages at some point too. I think Japanese would be fastest as it is with most games but I can't find a JAP rom of the game anywhere online.


I'm gonna use these and beat your WR run tomorrow haha. I have either known about these or used most of these in the past but I'll try the new ones too. Thanks for doing this.

By the way, you can beat Sparky in one cycle. It's possible to hit Sparky with all three of Yang's charges in one cycle, but I've only done it once. I'm not sure how to repeat it exactly but I'll check on it later. I'll watch your WR video and I'll make a glitch expo like this tomorrow for the stuff you missed.

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I also noticed you found shortcuts in the buggy levels I had never even realized existed before. Do you plan to keep running this game? If you watch my WR run you can see some skips and shortcuts you didn't use in yours. I'll definitely make use of the shortcuts you used that I haven't seen before. I would really like to build a community around this game and I'm glad you've decided to run it too. What made you want to start running this game? I haven't done a very good job of advertising the runs other than on Youtube and Reddit.

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You can skip the first piston by just walking through it, and we've tried to pass the other two with little success.

You can clip through some walls with Sparky, but I've only found two places where it's useful and the first I haven't been to do more than once. You can see those parts in my WR run. I don't think there's any use for clipping through walls on moving platforms but we've also found this glitch as well. There's also a wall in one of the volcano Lilo levels that just doesn't have collision but there doesn't seem to be any use for that either.

I will try that out during the last Stitch level. That's the only fight level where I could imagine dying and reloading would be faster than just finishing the fight.

Thanks for running this game, by the way. It's so nice to finally have some competition.