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Yeah, that sounds about right. However it is probably even hard to recreated knowing the specific jump pattern, as you only get one shot at it.


R57FG-8FGWF-AYPEE Looks interesting 🙂


Maybe dash and no dash categories, dash basically changes it completely.

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Maybe you should specify in the rules that you have to do all 4 jobs to make a valid run.

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The locked door and the elevator are both really easy to glitch through.

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This game is really buggy at times, once I got an open window from the first day before even using the computer but I wasn't recording it unfortunately. I make sure to unlock the door before throwing my origami at the woman. Maybe there's a small element of luck too.

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I know that the autosplitter isn't fixed atm, but here's a good skip I found:

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Please can you add a no-skip category? 'Cause I can't do any runs for over a week and would like to keep my original run up.

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