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Thread: Power on/reset discussion

Started by: Prince_LeafPrince_Leaf

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The rule is as follows:
All submissions require video evidence which are to include the last few seconds of your previous attempt and the subsequent power on/reset. The performance must be included in its entirety.

I've already had a run not follow that rule. The objective of this post is to clarify what is to be expected going forward.

When you start your recording, you must include the power on or reset. You can't just start your recording at the title screen and start the run from there. You are not showing the last few seconds of your previous attempt, and you are not showing the powering on of the game. This will result in your run being rejected.

Powering on the game via emulator: Please include the loading of the rom in the emulator. Have the emulator screen in view while it loads. Should have a distinct clicking sound.

Powering on the game via flash cart: Please include starting the game from the flash cart menu.

Powering on the game via cart/repro cart: Have your video capture device showing the screen go from blank to copyright screen. May have a distinct clicking sound.

Resetting: You have to reset using the emulator functions or the reset button on the NES system. You can't reset by saying "yes" or "no" on the continue screen. You must include the last few seconds of that last attempt so that we mods know for sure that you reset the game. Otherwise, you the runner are the only one who knows that information. You can't use save states to reset.

Best ways to avoid run rejection? (My advice)
-Once you start your recording, just do a soft reset immediately. That will satisfy the condition for this rule. A soft reset results in the same outcome as powering on the game.
-It's best to include too much video of a run than not enough but don't get carried away with it. This applies to the "run." I don't need the set up or layout placement for your stream. I ask for 1-10 seconds of your previous attempt, and a run that satisfies all conditions. I always include credits in my runs, so I leave that up to you the runner to include that. We can always trim off extra footage if needed.

Now that this post has been made, we will not be accepting anymore runs that don't follow this rule. Good luck!


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Thread: Save State use in a speedrun for setting up runs.

Started by: Prince_LeafPrince_Leaf

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That's an idea that came up in the discord. I don't like the idea of adding another category to compensate for one thing. It happens within the first 55 seconds of the run. Anyone without prior knowledge who sees the two runs probably wouldn't be aware something was different.

I guess I shouldn't rule the possibility out completely. I'd just hate to have the game go from three categories to six.


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Save State use in a speedrun for setting up runs.

Started by: Prince_LeafPrince_Leaf

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All these responses are awesome. Thank you for taking the time to reply.

I did not read the "General Gameplay Rules" before making this rule. I just assumed that because we started from the title screen it would be fine. I thought the manipulation wasn't cheating because it is something that all console players are able to do. Setting up the manipulation is such a monotonous task and any failure results in a reset and thus having to set up the manipulation again. You could do the manipulation, then screw up the first level. I was so sick of doing the set up that I added the rule just to get attempts going at a quicker pace. The basic explanation for why this rule is here is to save the 2-3 minutes of set up. Had I read the "General Gameplay Rules," I probably would not have added this rule.

Now I feel that I have the same opinion as all of you above. I agree that a run should start from the first power on or a reset. Both of these reset the manipulation so it doesn't work. This rule has put me in the position I'm currently in right now. The community is mostly (mostly being everyone except me) against changing the rule. Taking action to remove this rule would probably have more negative impact on the game than positive. I feel that the community for Flintstones 2 wants the rule to stay because they started speedrunning the game after I made the rule. I was hoping I could find a rule on this site that would support my action to ban this rule. That's unfortunately something I wasn't able to find on this site. The "General Gameplay Rules" actually supports keeping the rule thanks to the note before the list (I think that needs to be removed or changed.) So the entire choice or action to change this rule falls on the mods. Mainly me because I made all the rules for the game.

In the end, I want the community to be happy. We're a small but growing community. I don't think the runners will be happy if I were to change this rule. Clearly this is unfair to the current runners because the rule has been around for three years and most of the top runs for the game follow the rule. If I were to change the rule to eliminate the save state, I think that the manipulation would also need to be banned so the playing field will always be the same for runners. That would also invalidate all the top runs. My best run included.


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Save State use in a speedrun for setting up runs.

Started by: Prince_LeafPrince_Leaf

Hello. I have a question regarding a rule that we use for Flintstones 2 on NES. The rule is that a save state is allowed only if we are using a save state to set up a manipulation to be used in the first level of the game. It involves a game over which sends you back to the title screen which then leads to the start of a run. This manipulation can be done on console, but it takes two to three minutes to set up.

Before you post "ask the mods for the game." I am a mod for this game. I made this rule in an effort to cut time from setting each run up. I did this on console till I got an Everdrive. Pretty much every runner for this game has done runs on emulator so this rule hasn't been an issue. I've seen comments saying that this sort of thing provides an unfair advantage to non-console players and should not be allowed. The rules on the site say emulator functions are not allowed, but the same rules say that it can be allowed if mods explicitly say it's allowed. I don't like this answer because on one hand it sounds like we are cheating. On the other hand it sounds like we are fine only because I said so. I'd like information from other people not connected to this game. Do I continue to allow this rule to stand or should using a save state be banned?


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Thread: The Flintstones Discord Server

Started by: Prince_LeafPrince_Leaf

A runner asked for a discord. There isn't one as far as I know, so I made one. Use this server to discuss strategies regarding Flintstones games.


Forum: The Flintstones: The Surprise at Dinosaur Peak!

Thread: Timing Rule Change

Started by: Prince_LeafPrince_Leaf

Before I explain the rule change, please allow me to explain where I stand on the subject of completing a game. Completing a game is when the player does all that is required to see the ending or credits screen. Meaning that the very last input used in the game is what leads to the end.

We had the rule for time being when the text box appears after the mama dinosaur fight. I've come to find out, that text box will NEVER progress on it's own to the ending. Additional inputs are needed from the player to start the ending. Therefore, we cannot have time being when the text box appears.

This is the new timing rule. Stop the timer when the text box starts to disappear after the final input. This can be done by pressing the start button or pressing any button to skip through the text. I recommend pressing start because it is faster.

Obviously this isn't fair to all the current runners of the game because most times on the board have been going by the previous rule. I will be making an exception to the rule because of that. Any run that was submitted before December 2, 2018 is going to be exempt from this rule change. Any run submitted from now on must follow the new rule.


Forum: Mission: Impossible (NES)

Thread: Timing?

Started by: Prince_LeafPrince_Leaf

What are the timing rules for this game. Is it on first input to start or the moment you gain control of the character? Either way, a mod should add that information to the rules for the game.

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Thread: All Mysteries

Started by: neinei

It does make more sense. Will do just that.

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Forum: The Flintstones: The Surprise at Dinosaur Peak!

Thread: Repro carts

Started by: Carter44Carter44

As long as the game functions the same as the cart or rom, it will be fine to use a repro cart.


Forum: The Flintstones: The Surprise at Dinosaur Peak!

Thread: Updates?

Started by: FariiniFariini

I feel that it would be repetitive to keep posting runs if constant improvement is being made. From what I've seen, ZoneVD has had an improvement every stream. It's not really important to post the run if you know that an improvement is going to be made.


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Thread: Concerning the rules

Started by: Ad_BlockerAd_Blocker

I hope you do. This is a link to my pastebin for the game. You'll find some tips there. Good luck!

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Thread: What is going on in Montucky's Normal run?

Started by: droodbotdroodbot

I think it was just a desync from video.


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Thread: Would I be cheating if I mapped four controllers to one in an emulator?

Started by: Prince_LeafPrince_Leaf

So the game I was planning to run is Mario Party. The category I was going to start is credits%, which requires the player to obtain 100 stars throughout the course of the run. The dumb mechanic of this game is that it doesn't award stars that the computer players have picked up. The solution for this is to switch the computers to players so that the game gives you the stars. Which leads into my question. Is it considered cheating if I map all four to my one controller? Or can I just activate the controllers and use no input on three? Having four controllers reduces the run by several hours. Please let me know.