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Thread: ESA Summer 2018 Feedback Thread

Started by: PlanksPlanks

This years Venue was really great as mentioned by pretty much everyone. However, a few things I'd like to complain about since I'm a whiny sucker:

- Late Night sneks: It's a bit like in 2016 in Växjö, where it was hard to get some food in the night (22:00+). Unless you got something before (From the mall or other snek shop), there's basically only McDonald's which wasn't ... the best as most know. The Baguettes which were offered were just baguettes without anything so I never bothered to get one of them in the first place. I think you're already working on solutions (like last years Burger King delivery - which was damn awesome), so yea.

- Location: While it certainly is a great location to get to travel wise, it's a bit off from the main city. Therefore a Taxi or Train would be required which is a bit meh imo. But that's nitpicking at a master level.

- Air Conditioning: While the AC was fine in the Entrance Hall/Arcades, it was basically freezing in the other Rooms (PC, Tournament, Main Hall, ...) with about 18-20°C. It was comfy with a jacket 'n jeans, but the moment you get out of the rooms or _outside_ the hotel, you die due to a heatstroke since you run around with a damn jacket 'n jeans.

- Coffee Machine: WHY THE ..., is it getting closed the same as the Ice Cream and PopCorn?! The time you need coffee is either in the morning/when you wake up or in the night. Since it was only open from 15:00 - 21:00. I'm a coffee addict, you can't do that to me.

Good stuff, since the event was awesome despite me nitpicking shit left n right:

- Venue: Well, as everyone ever stated already it's damn nice to have it in a Hotel which got rid of the tedious and annoying walk from venue and hotel. In one way also bad, since I got to walk less, but overall awesome since you don't have to carry basically your entire equipment around. Really damn nice. And the location for traveling is amazing.

- Free Stuff: ICE CREAM AND PopCorn, FUCK YEA. Do I need to say more?

- Stream: The stream was really nice to watch from an audience perspective (Except some minor audio issues), but certainly a huge big up from the last years I was there.

- Clean: I noticed that the Venue was always damn clean thanks to the Hotel Staff and the Volunteers (I noticed Panda doin stuff, but I'm sure there were more involved), so thanks a lot to them 😃

- Security: Thanks to all the Staff for keeping the Venue safe and for your great efforts during day and night!

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Forum: ESA Summer 2018

Thread: Magic the Gathering sealed tourney and general casual play!

Started by: ethoetho

I'm in for everything. This year I actually bring my damn decks with me 😃

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Forum: Urban Chaos: Riot Response

Thread: Cheats and other Categories

Started by: PreFiXAUTPreFiXAUT

So, diabetesNINJA brought up a good point about Cheats.
There're some which can unlock every Mission. Therefore, you're able to do Missions completely NG (Without any previous stuff Unlocked).
This raises two Questions tho.

First one regarding the Cheats. I don't have any personal Problem with them as long as they don't give you an advantage or allow other game-breaking stuff.
Since that is certainly not the case for unlocking Levels, that should be all right imo.
But, as we're already here talking about it, what about Cheats such as the one which makes all Enemies Headless or the Discomode? I think Discomode would be a quite fun addition, but I haven't played it enough to see if it makes a significant difference.
If not, what would you think about allowing it in a normal run? Or should it be an own Category (misc)?

And now that we're talking about Categories!
Currently they are set up a little weird (yea, dunno why I did that), so I thought about changing the difficulty back to normal Variables which do not interfere with the main Category. Which means, all difficulties will be in the same List.
However, I'd put in a NG/NG+ (sort of?) Sub-Category in, which devides it between a run which was done from a new save file (and therefore without any previous enhancements like weapons, shields, etc) and a NG+ for everything else.

Therefore, in a full RTA run, Hope Street would be the only valid NG IL which can be submitted as such. ILs of others can only be done with the cheatcode mentioned earlier or have to be submitted as NG+ (since they may have upgrades unlocked from the previous levels).

So these we're my initial thoughts, what do you guys think about it?



Thread: Storm Coast Hypersonic sub 1.50 time

Started by: jgnelson3djgnelson3d

Hi, as far as I remember v1.3 had the side-dashing nerf which affects it a little.
I noticed that we don't have many videos for ILs, but for the most case you can take a look at the FR-Neo IL boards since a lot of tracks are simular.

Storm Coast is one of it:

You can grind the time down quite a lot by optimizing your boost with the jump-pads and getting all the orbs. Otherwise driving good, but that are the obvious things I guess. Since a lot of tech got removed, it mostly comes down to all of that, so, happy grinding ^^

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Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Gba games

Started by: 1-up1-up

Picked up my childhood game F-Zero GP: Legend again. This depends on what you want to do, since IL's only take up like 2min
Super Mario Advance 4 is okayish (too many auto-scrollers)

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Forum: ESA 2017

Thread: Team bowling is back.

Started by: curseddollscurseddolls

Since I don't have any runs I have way to much time anyways, so count me in 🙂

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Thread: Timing Method?

Started by: kirbymastahkirbymastah

I see the points here and agree that we should think about adding IGT to the Leaderboards.

The reason to why we are using RTA in FRN was simply because you are able to quit an IL straight after finishing it (crossing the finish) to skip the cutscene. But by doing so, you also skip the time you got (on the screen) which would make a huge effort to get the IGTs of them in the first place.



Thread: (Suggestion) Difficulty Tabs for Individual Level Leaderboard Front Page

Started by: MetalSmasher86MetalSmasher86

In general I'm against it. Actually against the Sub- and Supersonic at all.
It just doesn't make any sense to me to add them. They are just simply a waste of time, efford and space on the leaderboards.
It's already in the name of speedrunning to go fast with SPEED, so why bother about those in the first place? I mean, what's the competition in Sub- or Supersonic? The only one who's doing those is Metalsmasher (if even). This splits the already small community in even more unnecessary groups.


Forum: ESA 2017

Thread: Event Floor Layout - Ideas, suggestions and wishes

Started by: Rasmus_1990Rasmus_1990

An Idea would be to have a Screen at the Tech or at the entrance which shows the Schedule and possible delays.
Last year a run I was commentating was like 2-3h behind schedule and we waited that entire time because we didn't know if it is gonna start soon. And in general I think it's quite useful to see which runs are coming up without having to use the phone every 10min.

Based on the current Layout you posted, there's not a lot of tables/usage compared to last year where everything was full. I gotta say I like that you get more space, but it just seems really hollow somehow. Especially since it was rather hard to get some place yourself sometimes (Which is kind of impossible to solve with what now? 400+ Attendees, but I guess you get the Idea).

About the extra room or place for mafia - I don't really think we gotta change anything. I saw a lot of people play mafia outside, in the lobby and the B-Hall so that should be sufficient.


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: help getting started

Started by: Dav4Dav4

Ha wow, SMA4! Began with that as well. Good luck on it.

You can run it on Emulator, but you have to use the proper version. In addition, emulators are hidden on default on the LB, so yea.
If you wanna run it on actual console, then you need to play it either on a WiiUVC or like timmiluvs said on a Gamebox-Player.


Forum: Talk

Thread: Not MS= Elitism ?

Started by: azertyxppazertyxpp

TL;DR due to my elistism

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Thread: Speedrun event idea (Netherlands)

Started by: EghnimEghnim

Ever thought about going to BSG instead?


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Looking for help with a New Speedrun

Started by: PyrexisPyrexis

Yes it does.
The best way to get people to run a game is to run it yourself first. Then people can get a better interest in the game and eventually run/route the game themself.
Once you got that you just gotta be patient

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Forum: The Site

Thread: Disqus Implementation

Started by: OxkniferOxknifer

I really don't get this thread now.
The Question was to get feedback/info if implementing disqus is a good idea and pitching to do it.

But now that you edited it, it looks like it's a planned feature for the Site. Not saying that it isn't, but the admins surely already have a thought on how to do it and what they are gonna do about it. It's simply on the long to-do list, so we just gotta wait. Adding an own "reminder" (?) thread doesn't really make sense.


Forum: Talk

Thread: [Ask 4 Help] Create my own Bingo Card

Started by: KamiiNeykoKamiiNeyko

I guess asking on stackoverflow would be easier.
You should also provide some information about your problem and project.

Which language/framework/tool are you using?
What's the error?
Do you have a stacktrace?


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Thread: What song do you listen to right now ?

Started by: Arsenalfan789Arsenalfan789

(edited: )


Forum: The Site

Thread: Disqus Implementation

Started by: OxkniferOxknifer

Commenting on a run is a good Idea, but I don't think Disqus is a good idea. And that entire post really looks a lot like a damn ad which gives even a worse look at it.
This Site is barely using any 3rd party stuff which is good since it makes it remarkable.

The once thing that bothers me is the management of the Comments. Who should manage them? Admins, Mods or the Runner?
Giving the runner this "power" could lead to problems, while giving mods and admins even more stuff to do isn't a great idea either.

In the end it depends on the admin/dev team.

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Thread: What are the rules on soundd

Started by: john3pojohn3po

Ask the game mods


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Thread: Adverts in runs

Started by: drgrumbledrgrumble

Generally speaking it's a better idea to have the video WITH ads. You can always create a second video without.
Removing footage could be used to cut together an segmented run for example.

In addition/or instead - you can do the timing on two levels as well: Time with and without loads.