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Forum: Punch-Out!!

Thread: Von Kaiser And Sandman TD questions

Started by: DeltswishDeltswish

You can't. You need to do that in career which is why it is annoying and we decide to separate it.


Forum: Punch-Out!!

Thread: Von Kaiser And Sandman TD questions

Started by: DeltswishDeltswish

When you go into the fights on the IL leaderboard there will be a subcategory for the different variables. Timestop is a glitch with Von Kaiser that allows you to pause the in game timer from ticking. Headgear means that you use the headgear that you get after losing 100, which speeds up the fight as you can get hit while taking less damage.

I would suggest watching the fights and you will see what the difference is yourself. 🙂


Forum: Super Mario 64 (iQue)

Thread: new Category?

Started by: running_star_Jonasrunning_star_Jonas

Doesn't sound like a category, sounds like practicing specific stars/IL'ing.

If you want to run specific stars there's a huge IL (individual levels) community for Super Mario 64. Not sure what their approach to iQue is, however.

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Forum: Punch-Out!!

Thread: The 100Loss% Run Idea

Started by: milifam12milifam12

This unfortunately sounds extremely tedious and not interesting, as you would just do the same fight over and over without any excitement to back it off. I also don't know how many inputs you need to get beaten by GJ the fastest, but I can't imagine the skill level for a category like this would be very high.


Forum: Starlink: Battle For Atlas

Thread: Hi, I have a few questions. . .

Started by: scooterulezscooterulez

Hi! The game page is definitely up for changes if the interest is there from other runners. I would, however, still suggest that you join the Star Fox discord to discuss the game right now as it is the only "active" forum for it (it's not active, but it hosts the current runner(s)).

If you need to change the game page further down the line we can set that up.

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Forum: Super Mario Galaxy 2

Thread: Runs got rejected

Started by: OddPandemoniumOddPandemonium

It is literally impossible for you to have achieved an in game time of 1:13.987, as I said.

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Forum: Super Mario Galaxy 2

Thread: Runs got rejected

Started by: OddPandemoniumOddPandemonium

(edited: )

I am the person who removed your runs, and I also gave you the reason for it in the rejection message.

You had a total of two times submitted, both without video. One of the times included an impossible in game time (the game only shows two decimals, not three), and therefore I decided to remove your other run as well (50% of your submissions seemed to be made up, which means we have good reason to request proof for your future submissions).

I removed runs from other users as well, as I went through all IL-boards that day. Unfortunately, a lot of impossible times had slipped through the moderation wall. A run being verified once does not mean it can't be rejected later if there's reason behind it.

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Forum: Star Fox Adventures

Thread: Any% Rule Change Request, or Category Split

Started by: zcanannzcanann

If you can save time with ESW without using pre-existing files it should be allowed for normal Any%. Then again, I am not a runner. But that is generally how Any% goes.

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Thread: Japanese version

Started by: DAIDAI

Yes, Japanese version should work just as fine as any other.

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Forum: Punch-Out!!

Thread: Blindfolded

Started by: Molasam64Molasam64

Probably not. Blindfolded runs would require cam, but even with that it is really difficult to track cheating. People could simply use blindfolds that does not actually hinder their view.


Forum: Punch-Out!!

Thread: Help with Glass Joe TD

Started by: NCR_TrooperNCR_Trooper

There are no special strategies with TD Joe to manipulate the timer in any way. It all comes down to punching him as soon as possible. I would suggest looking at the timer and try to learn to see your pace based on that. One example could be to knock him down the first time just as the timer has moved to 2:46, to know that you are on a good run.

There is also the frame perfect punch cancel at the beginning of phase 2 that you have to get to compete for the tied record. Overall, I would suggest that you study the current records and try to replicate exactly what is happening.


Forum: Super Mario Galaxy 2

Thread: Video Requirements

Started by: Luvbaseball58Luvbaseball58

Any% requires video proof in submissions that clock in below 3:15:00.

Community moderation team will add the other video requirements into the rules as soon as we have come to a final conclusion regarding it. However, we generally request video for 242 submissions under/around 10 hours, and under/around 6 hours for 120.

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Forum: Punch-Out!!

Thread: Help

Started by: MajiMaji

(edited: )

You can play the game however you'd like, but I suggest using only the Wii remote without the motion controls to make it easier to time your inputs.

This game is timed IGT, which stands for "in game time". This means that the times the game gives you after each fight is added together throughout the runs. You can read more about this in the rules on this game's leaderboard.

Feel free to join the Discord (link in the game menu) if you want to discuss the game.


Forum: The Site

Thread: Platform Requests / Tagging games to be part of a series / Adjusting game type or game title

Started by: DangerlessDangerless

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The Star Fox community would like it if you could move Star Fox 2 Beta ( https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​sf2b ) to become a prerelease of Star Fox 2 ( https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​sf2 ).

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Forum: Punch-Out!!

Thread: Timer

Started by: CosmicCosmic

A lot of PO runners use a variation of a google spreadsheet, but you can simply just use the LiveSplit in game time options for a similar result.


Forum: The Site

Thread: Feedback thread

Started by: PacPac

(edited: )

If you add less than 3 decimals to a time the site handles them opposite to what you would expect. For example, typing in "44" as a decimal causes the time to be XX:XX.044 instead of XX:XX.440. Really weird and should not work like this imo.

This was not the case before the updated site layout.


Forum: Super Mario Galaxy 2

Thread: Want to learn Any%

Started by: ItzGrayItzGray

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The easiest way to learn a speedrun is to watch different runs and try to copy the movement and the current route that people are using. You could also search through the community resources for routes, tips and guides. I would also suggest that you join the community Discord.


Edit: I was slow.

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Forum: Super Mario Galaxy 2

Thread: Without Banktoad Category

Started by: Otterstone_GamerOtterstone_Gamer

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You don't have to download anything, you can just save a file with a full Banktoad and copy it from a memory card inserted to your Wii/Wii U before every run. Takes approximately 30-60 seconds each time.

The variables are already separate. You can easily filter the leaderboard by region, platform or any other added variables on the upper right corner of the board.

Variables are meant to separate play styles when they do not differ enough to create completely separate categories. Using Banktoad or not is comparable to playing on different regions. It is still Any%, but with a minor difference that could sometimes be of importance to separate. But they are not important enough to separate into different leaderboards.

With that being said, you are always allowed to speedrun whatever category you see fit. A leaderboard is just meant to compare times more easily.

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