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Just looking for people able to help verify runs for this game. You don't have to have played it.


Thank you for taking over!
My account was lost because of the whole password situation, so i can't moderate these, or any other of nnmn's games, sorry!
I'll try to contact a site mod about this, but i'm very busy nowadays, so i'll get it done ASAP!


@Nobleistrash If they ask for someone to fill in for you position on any game, feel free to add me. I will run any free game that can be completed in less than an hour.


I could also add your current account as mod if you want.


Thank you for the offer, but ill pass. I'm not on this site as much, as I am very busy, so I only use this when I have spare time.


I'll be a mod if you're still looking


I can definitely do well as mod. I'm more than just the usual "I'm active" as I am also experienced from being mod of other games. I also would love to help you out with verifying and that.


@qwerf and @Otterstone_Gamer I will add you in a couple days. Just need to get something sorted out.

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Hey im being quite active on this page so i can be a mod too if you still need one...