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Forum: Kirby's Epic Yarn

Thread: Change in Moderators

Started by: PokethemadBroPokethemadBro

The Kirby's Epic Yarn community is much different than the regular Kirby speedrunning community. To accommodate we should have a moderator team that is active in the community, as say, in the kirby's epic yarn discord. Therefore we should get rid of the moderators who haven't ran this game or haven't been part of this Kirby's Epic Yarn community at all.

Most notably Jumpyluff and Kobral. I'm sure these people are a big part of Kirby speedrunning in the more mainstream games, but these 2 people haven't done any runs nor have I seen them ever talk in the Kirby's Epic Yarn discord.


Forum: Kirby's Return to Dream Land

Thread: Kirby Master - Should Console resets be allowed?

Started by: Demolition14Demolition14

Which console you are using shouldn't be a major factor in what time you get. I vote in banning the console reset


Forum: Super Mario 3D World

Thread: World IL's when?

Started by: YPlushesYPlushes

cyberscore has ILs not IWs

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Forum: Super MarioMan Bros.

Thread: Tournament

Started by: PokethemadBroPokethemadBro

Celebrating 1 year since the came out, I decided to host a tournament of this game
heres the link to sign up:


Forum: Super Mario 3D World

Thread: idea

Started by: gamingguy63gamingguy63
the il leaderboards are on cyberscore


Forum: Hoggy 2

Thread: Hoggy 2 100% segmented WIP

Started by: [Deleted user]

this place is dead lmao


Forum: Super Mario 3D World

Thread: I think KingBoo's Any% WR is Spliced

Started by: GoHawksGoHawks

I agree with the above, this thread just seems so abritary.


Forum: Kirby's Return to Dream Land

Thread: Strats

Started by: [Deleted user]

tbh now that you have wr in 100% just create a guide for the entire game OpieOP


Forum: Super Mario 3D World

Thread: New Category(ies)?

Started by: CybertronlaserCybertronlaser

1. To hate people just because they disagree with you is bad
2. What is 243 Stars
3. Warpless doesn't make sense for this game as you're not really missing out on much in any%, only 2 worlds
My opinion: More categories should be added but it's really hard to come up with ideas for this game. There is already an IL leaderboard on cyberscore and moving that here would be inefficient and would lose some times. 100% w/o extra worlds would be pretty cool imo tho

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Forum: Kirby's Return to Dream Land

Thread: 200% (or True 100%)

Started by: PokethemadBroPokethemadBro

Normal Mode 100% + Extra Mode 100%
Seems like a fun challenge imo


Forum: Super Mario 3D World

Thread: Running on emulator

Started by: TheZero3546TheZero3546

i think its more about loading times and whatnot that affect the decision to allow emu


Forum: Kirby's Return to Dream Land

Thread: Any% Powerless

Started by: shidorashidora

It's up to the mods adding this as a category, imo powerless seems arbitrary and shouldn't be added. And romaster is right, no Super Abilities are fast when they aren't forced.

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Forum: Super Mario 3D World

Thread: Any% No Cat Suit?

Started by: AverageIrishGuyAverageIrishGuy

Any% no cat suit would be really boring


Forum: Super Mario 3D World

Thread: Is this a good game to start speedrunning?

Started by: MEW_S-H-I-N-YMEW_S-H-I-N-Y

SMB is a really precise game to run, i myself wouldn't recommend it


Forum: Kirby's Return to Dream Land

Thread: Challenge Stages category?

Started by: BCPBCP

Maybe make it a IL Category

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Forum: Hoggy 2

Thread: IGT Timing

Started by: PokethemadBroPokethemadBro

Hoggy 2 hosts a IGT timer once you reach ground, should we use that too with RTA? I'm also thinking that the final split is when we hit the "i" block that shows the IGT timer