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Forum: Granblue Fantasy Versus

Thread: Game should use in game time for runs in Arcade Mode.

Started by: TyRy74--Soulslayer--TyRy74--Soulslayer--

Hey guys, just got through moving Arcade Mode over to ILs, and came across this forum. There's a lot of points here but I largely echo TyRy's sentiment of "Im fine with whatever makes the competition between PC and PS4 players fair." The PS4 version loads much slower than the PC version of the game and while IGT could be a potential solution, there are a lot of nuances with it that are annoying (it would be nice if it just kept IGT for you).

Separating PC and PS4 sounds like a good idea to keep competition fair in that case, even extending to RPG Mode. I would like to hear feedback on this in the future!


Forum: Granblue Fantasy Versus

Thread: New Moderation and Leaderboards

Started by: PokeheroPokehero

Hello everyone! My name is Pokehero and I am the new mod here. TheTanStar was inactive and I requested mod, however, he was replaced by me. I have already offered SuperMod to him the next time he is online (dw I'm not trying to dictate everything!). That being said, I have verified all the runs pending verification and in the next few days I will be moving Arcade to Individual Levels.

If anyone has any leaderboard suggestions/alterations they would like to see, please feel free to drop it in this forum post below. I'll try my best to respond to everything!


Forum: The Site

Thread: Request leaderboard moderation (Read the first post before posting!)

Started by: lewisandsparklewisandspark

I would like to request mod for Granblue Fantasy Versus ( ). I have had pending runs since January, and attempts to contact the mod, such as through Discord, have yielded no response. The current SuperMod has not been online since Dec. 13 and the leaderboard has been sitting as such for the last 4 months.

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Forum: Hello Kitty Kruisers

Thread: New Update might have changed the game!

Started by: FiresplitterFiresplitter

Hi Firesplitter,

Why in the world would they just now update the game. I tried out the update for myself and it only seems to impact cars, boats and planes seem fine. I enjoy the earthquake you get when driving into a wall for sure.

On Cosmic Way Rally A with the tunnels that push you to one side, driving diagonally as is optimal to get out of the tunnel at a good angle is all kinds of messed up.

I would like to wait as well, but we may have to end up adding versions to the leaderboard or something, definitely what the world's best speedgame needed.

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Forum: Pokémon Stadium

Thread: Pokemon Stadium Runs Original Hardware.

Started by: H2OHappydudeH2OHappydude

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Hi ThatGuyOnCops,

Your submission was not rejected on a basis of being one spot higher than my personal best. When your run was submitted and I saw the Everdrive menu I was not sure what the legality was. When brought up to other mods, it was stated that Everdrives were already banned. Unfortunately, this was not publicly written down in the rules for the game/category yet. Zewing, one of the Pokemon Stadium 2 moderators, said it was not a good look to have that gray area in the rules. He wrote the "Everdrives and reproduction carts are banned." rule and we went ahead and did the same for Stadium 1 INT.

I apologize that it looked so malicious in your POV given the circumstances. If you have further questions or concerns I or another mod can address them.


Forum: Pokémon Stadium

Thread: Individual cups?

Started by: [Deleted user]

It has since been updated (werster made his own forum post on the matter)

Feel Free to upload your times now!

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Forum: Pokémon Stadium

Thread: Individual cups?

Started by: [Deleted user]

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I tried to sell this idea forever ago when CR1 got added but to no success

When PMS1 got added I did make the cups misc categories since there are only 4 of them in that game. If cups were to be added to this game/INT Stadium 2, it'd make more sense for them to be ILs instead as having that many misc, which seems like a bad idea to me

I'll bring it up again

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Forum: PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure

Thread: True 100%

Started by: deathlinedeathline

Having one run is not a good reason to add something to a leaderboards, it really needs ~3 before I'd consider it fine


Forum: Pokémon Stadium

Thread: Category "Complete Game 100 % + Complete Hall of Fame" ?

Started by: [Deleted user]

The reason Complete the Game isn't called 100% is because of the Hall of Fame and you can't truly do 100% unless you transfer Pokemon. Transfering Pokemon obviously would make this slightly more bearable and not 5 trillion hours long, but Stadium speedruns don't really allow that

Of course, nothing is stopping you from doing this run but no this will not be added


Forum: Pokémon Battle Revolution

Thread: idea

Started by: gamingguy63gamingguy63

For like, individual colos?


Forum: Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Thread: All-Star Mode Rules Inconsistency

Started by: ToadatDohTownToadatDohTown

This has already been established for Boss Battles as well. Its srcs inability to make different categories have different timing methods. Since Subspace uses RTA but IGT is an option, thats the rule for all Brawl leaderboards

IGT is still considered the best for those runs tho, so the rules are right and runs care about IGT more than RTA, src is just dumb

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Forum: Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Thread: Pit Glide over full Skyworld Stage

Started by: InprisonedShadowInprisonedShadow

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Holy shit this is amazing

Good stuff

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Forum: PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure

Thread: 100% Rules

Started by: deathlinedeathline

It's just Pokemon Speedruns rules. If you notice, the only language allowed for most games are English. Some games have JP categories, and some allow any language (Stadium, Ranger, Snap, probably a couple others), but most games are English only to keep a consistent amount of text in every game


Forum: Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Thread: Emulators and USB Loader

Started by: RubberDuckyAssassinRubberDuckyAssassin

USB Loader is generally not allowed for any game. I noticed the fast loads for All Events but didn't really put 2 and 2 together

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Forum: Konami Krazy Racers

Thread: Krazy Kup Category?

Started by: JakatoXtraJakatoXtra

I agree! FG should exist

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Forum: Custom Robo: Battle Revolution

Thread: I feel the game's name should be changed on this site

Started by: GhostKumoGhostKumo

The game in the series is called Battle Revolution, and I always submit it and call it as such. I don't think the name needs to be changed since people already know what the game is.

That's just my 2 cents but a name change feels unnecessary


Forum: Super Monkey Ball Adventure

Thread: Max% needs rules

Started by: Fluteboy123Fluteboy123

I agree with Frikkinfriks, should have at least been created with some rules

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Forum: Super Monkey Ball Adventure

Thread: Max% needs rules

Started by: Fluteboy123Fluteboy123

I believe Jcool added Max%. I don't know really anything about Story however I understand your concern. I can contact Jcool if you want clarification, otherwise, I'm of no help.

Sorry again