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Forum: Super Mario Odyssey

Thread: Pls Answer ASAP

Started by: PurdyOctolingYTPurdyOctolingYT

Can confirm, the runs will get verified in Due time. Both my 1:05:30 and 1:05:16 have been posted after around 2-3 weeks of waiting, and have yet to be verified, and will get verified momentarily. Please be patient.

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Forum: Super Mario 64

Thread: Practice on PAL?

Started by: SlingelaSlingela

It's better just to practice on emu at this point
You don't wanna experience the pain of PAL

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Forum: Super Mario Odyssey

Thread: speedrun glitches that work on version 1.3.0?

Started by: YoshiabelYoshiabel

Definitely start looking at the beginner tutorial for trying to start to learn how to learn specific skips.
Also, Nut Clip is risky and saves 20-25s, Chest Clip isn't too worth, only saving around 0.5.

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Forum: Super Mario Galaxy 2

Thread: Runs got rejected

Started by: OddPandemoniumOddPandemonium

You could just record your game, like point a webcam to the tv, it's not the worst thing in the world...

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Forum: Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Thread: more sm64 categories

Started by: hayd6262hayd6262

That will not add to the category. Nobody RTA has done Hyperspeed wallkicks, or in a run. It would be pointless to add it to the ledaerboard

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Forum: Super Mario 64

Thread: Why is VC and N64 seperated?

Started by: xxezrabxxxxxezrabxxx

@alarisalaris that is correct, yes. People do want it to be moved to the original boards, but I don't think that would happen considering that you guys probably don't have anything you want to do with the 3das runs (fair enough)


Forum: Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Thread: Couple Questions (Please Answer ASAP)

Started by: PurdyOctolingYTPurdyOctolingYT

1) Yes
2) You can but time has to carry on
3) We don't know what's going on with that atm


Forum: Super Mario 64

Thread: 70 star beginner route?

Started by: RaccoonBillyRaccoonBilly

Why would you not do CCM 18, HMC late?

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Forum: Super Mario 64

Thread: How does Dark World Reds Save time?

Started by: XahkaiXahkai

you get a star while making your way to dark world.


Forum: Super Mario Galaxy

Thread: Video Requirement is now fully required for all future submissions

Started by: PodzPodz

The majority votes on the poll shared earlier say a video requirement should be put in for runs, so we're going to change the rules for that. All runs submitted to SMG1 and 2 now require video no matter what. All current runs that do not have video will stay on the leaderboard due to a grandfather ruling. Quality doesn't overly matter, aslong as the game is visible at most/if not all of the submission. =)

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Forum: Super Mario Galaxy

Thread: Keeping track of time

Started by: SoupermanSouperman

With splits, I suggest looking at https://www.speedrun.com/resources and checking the splits shown here. All of these are very good examples of this.


Forum: Super Mario Galaxy 2

Thread: Video Requirement in the SMG Speedrunning Community

Started by: PodzPodz

After seeing some suspicious submissions lately, the verification team is discussing the possibility for video requirement for future SMG and SMG2 runs. We wanted to ask the opinion of the community before making a decision, so we made this Google form that you can go and fill up. It would be appreciated if you went and took a look at this form and filled it up.
We will then make a decision on how we can pursue video requirement within the next week.