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Forum: Gitaroo Man

Thread: Stage 4 and 6 skip by ejecting disc in PS2

Started by: GarbitheGlitcheressGarbitheGlitcheress

Seems like a different kind of run/category to me if you are totally skipping songs versus skipping portions of songs.


Forum: Metal Gear Solid

Thread: Integrating Emulator into Console

Started by: PlywoodPlywood

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DuckStation is approved for speedrunning Metal Gear Solid and is the recommended emulator to use over ePSXe.

Required settings:

Console Settings
CPU Clock Speed Control Enabled, % depends on your CPU. Check the video below for the framerate target in Cell/Raven to see the relative performance.
Read Speedup: None (Double Speed)
Use Read Thread (Asynchronous) Unchecked

Display Settings
Show Messages Checked (if a savestate is used, we'll know)
Show FPS checked OR show full emulation window for framerate confirmation
VSync Unchecked

Enhancement Settings
Force NTSC Timings (60hz-on-PAL) Unchecked (PAL speed should be PAL speed and not adjusted by the emulator)

You can check the current date of your version via the General Settings in the Automatic Updater section (2021-01-11), and then post that in your description.


Forum: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Thread: What does NG mean?

Started by: DrewdactylDrewdactyl

New Game vs. New Game +

New Game is starting from just that, a new game 'fresh' save

New Game + typically means in games and speedruns starting from a completed save with additional goodies. The primary goodies in MGS3 being Patriot and unlocked camos

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Forum: Battle Arena Toshinden (PS1)

Thread: Leaderboard updated / suggestion thread

Started by: DBcadeDBcade

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Purely aesthetic thing, the transparency on the board for the panels is way too much and the colors clash. Background image is blurry and ugly. Default theme would look less janky.

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Forum: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Thread: HD Edition PS NOW Category

Started by: NH3DONH3DO

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Disclaimer: I voted against the original separation of HD versions to begin with. Even under the current structure, I don't really think PSNOW is significantly different from doing a run on PS3 due to how the service works.

Also in terms of the long-term prospects, PSNow being a streaming service makes me hesitant in it being compared just and only to itself. At any time Sony could shut down the service, leaving a frozen board. I will say that PSVita has its argument for separation due to the nature of the hardware. But I don't expect anyone to take such a pursuit seriously.

I think part of the confusion comes from 'HD Edition PS3' being called that as a category, when in reality it includes platforms outside of strictly running on a PS3. Perhaps HD Edition Sony would be a better name.

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Forum: Silent Hills P.T.

Thread: Timing Clarification and Rule Updates

Started by: PlywoodPlywood

Good to see you Leo!

The requirement of deleting a save is only relevant if you already completed a cycle or have completed a run. As you may recall, we had a discussion a few years ago about the effects of "NG+." The conclusion we arrived at was to require a new game save to avoid the issue. That discussion can be found at the following thread: https://www.speedrun.com/p.t./thread/2dfbd

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Forum: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Thread: Why static camera?

Started by: AvalanAvalan

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To be clear, not all runs use JUST the static camera (aka Snake Eater camera). In fact, many runs use a mix of two. Some even use just the dynamic camera (aka Subsistence camera).

The basic reason: visual cues for movements. It's a lot easier to have consistent movement and lines with the Snake Eater camera. The Subsistence camera requires you to control the camera while moving, which can be a pain. Also, the Subsistence camera can create frame lag.

Personally, I use a mix of the two, depending on the room.


Forum: Silent Hills P.T.

Thread: Timing Clarification and Rule Updates

Started by: PlywoodPlywood

Hi all,

Thanks for continuing to keep this game alive and improving the records! I wanted to provide some clarification and rule updates for the future.

I've had a couple runners question when exactly the timer stops for Flashlight%, as the original sentence wasn't clear. To clarify, Flashlight timing does not end when pickup animation starts, but when the flashlight is off the ground. Take a look at AgentofChaos's PB, where the brightness makes it very clear.

When I started modding this game, I interpreted "ends when you pick up the flashlight" as literally the moment it is lifted off the ground.

My suggestion is, if you plan on doing Flashlight runs, please play on max brightness to make it obvious, and DON'T SPLIT EARLY!

In addition, I am implementing a rule not to obscure the bottom right corner of the game capture. This is so the triple circle load watermark is not obscured when loading into the game.

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Forum: Silent Hill

Thread: Take PC & Console leaderboards apart !

Started by: MieslwdMieslwd

This is technically already done for this game, considering that emulator (PC?) has its own subcategory, "All"


Forum: Metal Gear Solid

Thread: Integrating Emulator into Console

Started by: PlywoodPlywood

Thanks for sharing!

I'm unfamiliar with using this fork of Mednafen and the options available to you. A set of screenshots could be helpful with that. As far as I can tell, the loadtimes are similar to other emulators, which is a good thing. If you do a run, I can look at it more closely, especially since I don't know how it runs in game.

What release of the game were you using to test?


Forum: Steel Battalion

Thread: Accurate In Game Time

Started by: PlywoodPlywood

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The IGT in this game purely tracks the time spent in each Mission - no menus or loads. It removes any issues of comparing runners of differing load speeds (install vs. disc), instead compares purely on gameplay. It also accounts for lag!

There are issues with the IGT. If you check the IGT from the Mission Log, it only tracks to the minute without seconds available. Also, you would need to check before and after for NG+, and a run of All Missions wouldn't be able to check IGT this way at all.

Therefore, to provide runners the option of a more accurate IGT, I've posted a spreadsheet on the Resources to track the time. It works by finding the difference between the Op. time remaining at the Combat Results Screen and the total available time per mission. If you die during a mission, record the difference between the last visible time before ejection and mission time. Subtract that value from mission's Op. time remaining.

For example:

Mission 01 is 15 minutes long
Dies 2 minutes in (13:00)
Completes next attempt at 11:33
14:60 - 9:33 = 5:27 IGT

The only Mission that poses an issue is the Tutorial Mission (or Mission 00) for NG. Since there is no Combat Results Screen, the easiest way to track the time on this Mission is to check the remaining time when MISSION COMPLETE appears on screen. This isn't entirely accurate, as the timer keeps ticking while the screen fades to white. Doing it this way avoids any questions about the hard to read time as it fades to white.

IGT remains optional/secondary. This is because menus should still matter.

The following is how long each Mission takes. Remember, if you are playing 2082, the A Path (16/17) or B Path (18/19) matters.

Mission 00: 40
Mission 01: 15
Mission 02: 20
Mission 03: 15
Mission 04: 20
Mission 05: 20
Mission 06: 30 (20 initial, 10 added at door)
Mission 07: 40
Mission 08: 15
Mission 09: 20
Mission 10: 50 (40 initial, 10 added after Bldg destruction)
Mission 11: 15
Mission 12: 20
Mission 13: 30
Mission 14: 30
Mission 15: 20
Mission 16: 30 (20 initial, 10 added after calling Blackwidow)
Mission 17: 40
Mission 18: 25 (20 initial, 5 added after ambush)
Mission 19: 40
Mission 20: 20
Mission 21: 40
Mission 22: 40
Mission 23: 50 (40 initial, 10 added after D3Eye is destroyed)


Forum: Metal Gear Solid

Thread: which psx version

Started by: kaiten619kaiten619

It doesn't really matter. The fastest Playstation version is Integral. You can learn more here:


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Forum: Silent Hills P.T.

Thread: SH Series Discord Link

Started by: PlywoodPlywood

If you want to chat about PT, here's a good place for it: https:/​/​discord.​gg/​TkMQj8G


Forum: Silent Hill

Thread: [Test/Theory] 100 Shooting Kills if No Shots are Fired

Started by: AaronAaron

Very strange to see no Shooting stats on the Result Screen, like someone photoshopped it out.


Forum: Silent Hill

Thread: PS3 version

Started by: RheinmetallRheinmetall

More relevant performance concerns are not loads, but responsiveness (latency with HDMI/emulation) and framerate (the framerate is less stable outdoors on PSP emulation). Unless you are playing in a marathon setting where real time is a concern, your platform of choice isn't a huge deal.

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Forum: The Site

Thread: Feedback thread

Started by: PacPac

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Thanks for the response, but there are good reasons we wouldn't go to RTA or break ties some other way. I wouldn't propose this if I thought there was a valid alternative within the website's system.

1. VR's In Game Timer is excellent

It calculates score bonuses based on ammo and stealth, accurately accounts for framerate (lag), and starts and stops at the same time, every time. A time of 0.00 isn't inaccurate, as the score bonus gives you that time.

2. Precedent

The In Game Timer in VR has been the standard for over 20 years, ever since the official leaderboard ran by the game developers ( https:/​/​www.​konami.​com/​mg/​archive/​integral/​vr/​sn_sud.​html ). It is also the standard agreed upon by modern VR runners in spite of going so fast that the score bonus can give you 0.00 on select levels.

3. Punishing approaches players take unfairly

In VR, you can pause buffer by pressing start, or opening up the weapon or item menu with L2 or R2. Runners can play frame by frame, to perfect movement, shots, etc. I do not think it is reasonable to punish players who pause buffer, when it is a valid strategy within the game.

Hope that clears it up : ) My perspective is that if the game says a time is 0.00, it is. Even if the score bonus could go negative, the game does not track times this way.

P.S. This issue also occurs in Metal Gear: Ghost Babel's VR Missions ( https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​mggbvr/​run/​zp4ppjrz )

P.P.S. If there is concern about people submitting fake 0:00.00 times on boards, a checkmark option could be added for mods to "Allow 0 times"


Forum: The Site

Thread: Feedback thread

Started by: PacPac

Please add the ability to submit a time as 0.00.

Yes, some games do allow a flat 0 for time in Individual Levels.

Below is an example from Metal Gear Solid VR Missions.



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Forum: The Site

Thread: Requesting Marathons

Started by: GyooGyoo

Name: Tactical Fundraising Action 3: Irish Thunder (TFA3)
Venue: Online @ twitch.tv/metalgearspeedrunners
Purpose: To fund travel costs for @RaichuRaichu going to AGDQ2020 for his Metal Gear Solid 3 run.
Dates: December 7-8
Schedule: https:/​/​horaro.​org/​tfa/​tfa3
Moderators: @preciousroypreciousroy @Raichu @PlywoodPlywood @Tyler2022 @PythonicusPythonicus @miniomegaking

Thanks in advance!


Forum: Parasite Eve

Thread: Suggestions for leaderboard changes

Started by: PrimusPrimus

Worthwhile noting as well, Palmer has the fastest PS2 time (2:44:34), which can be competed against with the filter tools https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​pe/​run/​z0elen4m

In general, I don't think platforms should be separated unless there is some significant difference in terms of gameplay that merits it. The only gameplay gap I can think of is the ease of switching to analog on PS1/PS2, but all that really improves is movement in certain rooms.

Fairness in speedrunning is developed through the ruleset, but if a certain platform the game is released on is faster than another (especially in RTA context), what are the merits of ignoring that? By and large, PS speedruns follow that formula (refer to the first paragraph of my previous post in this thread).

If you want to be recognized for your relative skill compared to others, those who run the game know how well you played based off your time on slower hardware. Placement isn't everything.

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