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Thread: Why is there no "All Dog Tags, All Difficulties" or 100% category?

Started by: zandriel_grimmzandriel_grimm

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Mostly because no has done it and no one has mentioned interest in it. However, a 100% Dog Tags (across all difficulties) is something that could be added as a category extension on if someone does a run of it.

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Thread: Glitchless category

Started by: iLL_PazzoiLL_Pazzo

All Bosses rule: "You must defeat every boss in the game, this includes their life bars." So yes, you must beat them all.

There are a few glitches used in All Bosses, have a look at the out of bounds glitch in Tank Hanger before the Tank and the Caves after Psycho Mantis.

No, there isn't a glitchless category afaik.

I'm not a runner of this game specifically, but my understanding is that the glitches in All Bosses (Console specifically) are minor. Although there is a glitch used for the first Wolf battle to get close to her and just punch her. I would either wait for a runner/mod to answer your question or join the discord ( and you're more likely to get an answer there.

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