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I linked my server in another thread and I ended up creating it. I might just convert it to a Game Dev Story speedrunning server as nobody cared for the kairosoft server as far as I know


The only other person in the server has left and nobody has added a link to the leaderboard. I’m assuming that we’re just going to delete the server.


ok thankyou


Are we supposed to play on a specific difficulty or are all of them allowed?


I completely agree


ok sounds good, yeah I guess a series leaderboard isn’t so important at the moment. At least not important enough to need a moderator yet.


Ok, I’ve created a general discord server. If anyone wants to join they can and I’ll add roles and such.


Alright, if anyone is willing to make it I’d help, or I’d be willing to make it


I’m thinking if we start a kairosoft speedrunning server (for all kairosoft games) it’d be easier to discuss strats and communicate. If everyone approves I’d be willing to help


All items% basically play until every item says acquired on the develop screen


Co-op appears to be a major part of this game. I know it would be stupid to mix co-op and single player runs, but what if we had a separate category for Co-op.


Specialist Towers are allowed so I believe you’re fine

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I suppose you're right. Thankyou


Why are they time based? It's not that I dislike Time based runs, but it's not as satisfying as finding the minimum amount of turns for a science victory. Could they add a subcategory for Turn Based runs?