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  Super modHegemege
I'm opening this thread here for discussion about the rules for the category.

Personally, I'd prefer if some mods were allowed. Currently I wrote a list of mods allowed in the Rules section of the game, and the mods allowed are any visual modifications that don't alter gameplay, Hotbuild2 because most advanced players prefer the additional control from this mod, and Infinite Build, which in my opinion can be dropped from this list, since it does affect the game by automatically setting factories to build forever (without the player setting it on manually), but is a good QoL improvement.

A load remover would be nice to have, since the game has very long loading times, and after more people start running, we will start to see this affecting the leaderboards. Another quicker option would be to sum up all individual level times and submit the total for IGT, but the problem with this is that the galaxy movement and tech selection would then not be timed, which is a crucial part of the game.

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