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Hello speedrunners (or should I say hello, wesen?) Doesn't seem like there are any other active speedrunners. I'm looking to start speedruning, but I can't seem to do the very basic left-right skip. You can see in my VOD how I struggle with that. How do I do that?



the trick is to turn around without taking a step to the left.
It's harder in the PS1 version because of input delay, I would recommend to do it like this:

• Press Square to do the Spin Attack
• Turn left while spinning (This way you are guaranteed to not walk to the left)
• Jump (to cancel the spin) and turn right again in air

This is also what I did to skip the box in the first level.

You might also want to take a look at the TAS which shows some tricks that are not possible in the PC version:

Good luck with your speedruns.

btw: The "Skip Obstacle Glitch" heading is a link to a separate page:

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Thanks, I'll try doing it with spinning. I tried doing the skip couple hours ago and I managed to do it by mashing right, and slightly pressing left when turning right and I managed to do it that way but it's pretty slow (takes me 3-5 seconds to skip). Also, it felt like I would break my fingers doing it with d-pad so I had to re-map left and right to R1 and L1 to even do that 😃

And thanks for the link. Somehow I didn't find these before 😕


I'm going to use this same thread to not flood the forum.

For some reason I can't use the hidden windows in the Gangsters level. I'm trying to mash Triangle with window open/closed, on ground/mid -air but doesn't seem like it's working.

Also update on the clipping, for some it's near impossible for me to clip to the left, because I can't turn right without moving (which is sad, because it means I cannot do the Dinosaur skip, I can do Stone Age with spinning, but I can't spin in overworld, so no Dino skip 🙁

Anyway, I think I'll try doing a full any% run tomorrow (hoping for a sub 30 but probably not gonna get it first try, especially if I can't do hidden windows)


The hidden windows do only exist in the PC version.

And the dinosaur skip is much easier in the PS1 version, you select "EXIT GAME" just before the dinosaur eats you. Then the game thinks that you have beaten the level normally and the window left to the dinosaur level will open.

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Hello, so somehow I managed to softlock myself at the Greenhouse :DDD
Do you know what might cause this? I'm attaching my stream highlight so you could watch how I'm stuck.


I have seen this glitch once in the PC version (in front of "The Construction Site, Part I") but it was fixed when I entered and exited the level.
I don't know what causes it though.


Maybe the jumping before the sign may do something with it?