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Thread: Separate category psp

Started by: Crash90Crash90

If you do a run, I will consider it.


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Thread: Other Leaderboards

Started by: LoMpELoMpE

As of a few weeks ago, Time Trials for individual levels are also hosted on this site here for both the GBA and the N-Gage versions.


Forum: Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex

Thread: Load Remover is now here / Changes in the ruleset

Started by: PeteThePlayerPeteThePlayer

(edited: )

Over the past few months Raikzer has worked on a load remover component for LiveSplit that is able to detect loading screens in TWoC in real-time. You can download it from the Resources tab. At the moment, this is still a public beta so further updates are bound to come in the future.
Please follow the instructions on the GitHub page of the project for a setup.
If you're struggling to set it up with the instructions, feel free to ask for help in the Discord server.

The load remover is currently compatible with the following versions of the game:
- PS2 [EN]
- PS2 [JP] (further tests are being made here though)
- Xbox [EN]

More console (Gamecube) and language (PAL languages, Korean) support will come in the future. I will update this post whenever more features and version support is added.

What exactly does it detect? It detects the beginning and end of loading screens between levels and the warp room. It also pauses on every fully black frame. These show up before and after loading screens to transition into the level/warp room, but also before mask dialogue cutscenes are being loaded and during death transitions. All of these instances (even the length of the black screen after dying) vary from console to console - including different models of the same console - and sometimes from region to region. Removing this difference is the point of the load remover.

Finally, this will cause a few changes in the rules. From now on, players with compatible versions of the game are advised to use the load remover to submit their times. Using the old spreadsheet method (which, frankly, nobody liked) will soon be allowed no more unless you use a version that is not compatible with the load remover yet. Once we can safely consider the load remover out of the beta stage, it will be mandatory.
Cutting out your loads in video editing could still be allowed under certain circumstances (such as when you're doing potato cam stuff) but that usually means more work for ya.

If you use the load remover and notice any hiccups (e.g. pauses during gameplay or undetected loading screens) please report them to either Raikzer or myself.

And last but not least: Do not cover your game feed in OBS with anything (that includes alerts) or it may wrongfully detect or ignore something that it shouldn't!

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Thread: Anyone know of a single warp room leaderboard?

Started by: SkinnyArmsNovakSkinnyArmsNovak

Just compare it to the 1st warp room in any given run that you deem good. There won't be single warp room leaderboards.


Forum: Crash Nitro Kart 2

Thread: how to get the game

Started by: ZaangaZaanga

You are thinking of CBNK2 ( and not CNK2 (I know, the titles are super similar, it's dumb).
Unfortunately though, in order to play CBNK2 these days you'll require a jailbroken iOS device (e.g. an old iPhone, preferably running iOS 6 or lower to avoid compatibility issues with the game) and then install the game through the means of an .ipa file. I'm not sure how to feel about linking that file on this site though so if you're still interested, drop me a message on Discord and I'll help you out.
I've recently gone through the whole process with an iPhone 3GS so it's certainly possible to get access to the game.
Alternatively you can just be lucky and have an old device that still has the game downloaded but that's not too likely.


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Thread: glitch that can save time

Started by: OnaticOnatic

Learn to read the rules section for the game. It's literally all there.

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Forum: Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time

Thread: New Category (?)

Started by: blu_aaablu_aaa

I think it's completely redundant considering one of the most standard ways of going faster in just about every category is minimizing deaths.

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Thread: Separating 101% category to 101% and 101% Warpless?

Started by: AhvenaAhvena

Oh yeah, I remember there being a talk about using a variable. I have no problems with that at all.
Having an all-new category for warpless is something I wouldn't mind too much if people are genuinely for it. But if one of the two categories had to be marked as misc, it should definitely be the warpless one.


Forum: Crash Team Racing

Thread: Separating 101% category to 101% and 101% Warpless?

Started by: AhvenaAhvena

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Reminder that a category doesn't only exist if there is a leaderboard for it. You can run Warpless on your own if you like. I highly doubt you would get much competition at all, especially considering how many people did 101% runs in general throughout this entire last decade or so, so not splitting categories is probably not the factor breaking its neck.
Just my take on it though.


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Thread: Adventure Mode Locked

Started by: Theo1840Theo1840

Sounds like an issue with your disc. I'm assuming it is struggling to load the intro FMV, so apart from some ways to "fix" scratched discs (google them, there are several things people do) that's it.


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Thread: Emulador

Started by: MarcosggizyMarcosggizy

Não. Infelizmente você pode usar a versão para computadores exclusivamente para o leaderboard. Os emuladores de Android são muitos imprecisos.

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Thread: All Trophy 2 players?

Started by: AQLGamersAQLGamers

@AQLGamersAQLGamers Oh sorry, I forgot to add the option!
It's there now. I edited your submission and added TomAce as player 2 (I'm assuming this is correct, but if it isn't, feel free to just edit the submission yourself)
As for the Tie Breaker: same deal as 201%. On NTSC you need to get it because it adds a trophy to the counter. On PAL it doesn't, so in theory you'd be allowed to skip it there.


Forum: Crash Bash

Thread: All Trophy 2 players?

Started by: AQLGamersAQLGamers

I just added it. You can submit the run now.

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Thread: Request leaderboard moderation (Read the first post before posting!)

Started by: lewisandsparklewisandspark

We (=several mods of the Crash series) are requesting the removal of cameronvengenz as moderator for the following leaderboards:

Since he is a supermod, an admin/full mod will be required. Reasons for the unmodding are outlined here (tl;dr - toxicity and (sexual) harrassment):

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Thread: Emulator Category

Started by: D4n1elit0_xDD4n1elit0_xD

You can still run on emulator. The emu runs will just not be eligible for the leaderboard because PS2 emulation is incredibly inaccurate still and will only over time inch closer and closer to how a real PS2 performs. So comparisons would be inaccurate and pointless.
Just run it on your own and see if you can get a hold of a cheap PS2 (seriously, you can probably get one for like $15) and then run for the leaderboard if you're that much into it at some point.


Forum: Crash: Mind Over Mutant

Thread: Flying?

Started by: dagpetter1dagpetter1

You have to store your mutant at the same time as you trigger a cutscene. It's very precise.
You can tell it worked when it doesn't show any health on the mutant on the top of the screen after the cutscene is skipped.


Forum: Crash of the Titans

Thread: Emulator?

Started by: [Deleted user]

It's not a question whether you encounter any problems with the game but whether the emulator is running the game almost exactly like a real console would. It's not necessarily something you'd notice in casual play but there are many aspects that play into sufficiently accurate emulation to have speedruns be comparable to consoles.


Forum: Crash of the Titans

Thread: Emulator?

Started by: [Deleted user]

Because the emulation is very inaccurate.