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Thread: Looking for 1.0 or 1.1 of this game

Started by: navajonavajo

If I buy the US physical PC version of this can I use that same link to patch it to “european 1.1” or am I forced to buy that european version shown above?


Forum: Sorcerer’s Kingdom

Thread: New Run Categories

Started by: NitebladeNiteblade

In my opinion on no element sword it is a bit trivial to create an entire category for it since the run is essentially the same for 98% of the game up until the very end fight and is not different enough to warrant recognition as a separate category. Might make a cool highlight to make for YouTube or something though.

In regards to the solo character category, it certainly doesn’t seem inviting to do for anyone but experienced runners of the game looking for a new challenge or being bored of the any% run. The rules for this seem a bit complex, needing to revive and kill off characters constantly after every promotion visit seems very tedious. Things get even more complex when you want to do a “solo” run for late characters after having used the others prior.

Personally not a fan of these as main categories, but if you really wanted to do the solo runs and have them be a “misc” category so they can be recognized here on the site that is ok, but I highly suspect this won’t do anything to bring in new interest or runners. I feel they are more of a “forced challenge run for fun” that’s more suitable for YouTube and not really an official speedrun like categories such as Any% or 100% would be in cases like this.

Japanese might save a small amount of time if it makes fewer text boxes, but given how little story there is in this game I can’t say how much faster it would be. Feel free to do a run on JP though and if it proves to make a big difference we can certainly add the JP version as an official sub category to the leaderboard.

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Thread: Platform Requests / Tagging games to be part of a series / Adjusting game type or game title

Started by: DangerlessDangerless

Requesting the game platform “Sega Pico” be added to the site.
Wiki: https:/​/​en.​wikipedia.​org/​wiki/​Sega_Pico

I have done a speedrun using this console for Sonic the Hedgehog’s Gameworld (

Thank you.


Forum: The Site

Thread: Request leaderboard moderation

Started by: DaravaeDaravae

Requesting mod/supermod on Rez ( The current and only mod makes a note on their Twitch profile that they “lost interest in speedrunning.” Makes sense as they mod for 21 games and haven’t logged in in over a year. I tried adding them on Discord a week ago to request mod and my request still sits dormant. I also whispered them on Twitch a week ago and got no answer. These are the only options for contact. I’m running this game in a pretty large online marathon soon and also submitting this to SGDQ so I would like to mod the board to better define the rules and clean up organization of the categories (it’s kinda messy right now) and obviously have my PB/WR verified in time for GDQ submissions. Thanks for whoever reviews this request.


Forum: Dark Cloud

Thread: Proposal to add a new rule to Any% NCW based on a newly found strat.

Started by: MikeZorDMikeZorD

This is certainly a cool exploit. It’s is a drastic change to how NCW used to function, but it does make the category a bit more interesting than just “broken dagger and one shot everything to the end.” I believe this glitch should be allowed in some capacity for speedruns, however I am also OK with leaving any% NCW as it is and giving this item dupe/debug glitch its own category since this is a huge change to the run.

I don’t want categories to get excessive or overly confusing however, so coming up with a good name and ruleset will be very important. We value all community feedback from runners, so please post here with ideas and thoughts. If you are strongly against changes to any% NCW please let us know.


Forum: Blinx: The Time Sweeper

Thread: Xbox One Backwards Compatibility and Loading Times

Started by: Commander_DuckyCommander_Ducky

Can anyone confirm this? I am interested in running this game and would love to run it on Xbox One for better loads. The above message is a tad confusing, but seems to confirm that using the japanese version on an Xbox one will install the PH version of the game instead?

The better question is, was it ever discovered if any controller will work to increase Blinx’s diagonal move speed or do you need a certain Xbox one controller to do so?

EDIT: I can confirm that installing a JP version in xbox one gives an english platinum hits version however I am unable to get the diagonal movement speed to work. He obviously moves slightly faster than normal when I move diagonally but it is nowhere near as fast as seen in the runs here or on the videos posted above. I am using a stock xbox one controller (official) and am moving my left stick as far as possible to diagonal angles.


Forum: Sonic Drift

Thread: Speed tech/tips?

Started by: PeteDorrPeteDorr

Started running this tonight and really enjoyed it, but I’m having trouble understanding the speed tech? I notice in the top times there’s snaking non-stop, on grass, etc. does drifting give a slight speed boost or something over just driving straight on the straightaways?

Are the jump pads favorable except for when you have invincibility active?

Also, sometimes I seem to randomly spin out when drifting/attempting snaking. I’m not excessively holding the drift so not sure why it happens.

Do rings increase top speed enough to go out of the way to collect?

Thanks for any insight.


Forum: Snowboard Kids

Thread: Emulator advantage?

Started by: PeteDorrPeteDorr

Thanks for all the info, wanted to reply sooner just kept forgetting. I’m not an expert on emulation, since I’ve never used it for anything, but can load times vary for this based on PC performance? Like if someome has a better PC, is it possible that two emulator runs can have like a 5-10 second difference just based on their pc performance? Is it possible Zikana is overclocking to achieve his time?

Last question, if Zikana’s run is unfairly loading/running faster (for whatever reason) should it be hidden or removed from the leaderboard? It will still exist on his youtube upload, but honestly having a run that inexplicably runs faster (and is emulation) is not very inviting to new runners, especially if it sits #2 on the leaderboards.


Forum: The Site

Thread: Request leaderboard moderation

Started by: DaravaeDaravae

Game: The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring GBA
Url: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​lotrfotrgba/​full_game

One mod has been inactive for over a year. The super mod (who also has never ran the game and just seemingly moderates it for no reason) has not signed in for over a month. The bigger issue is that the super mod has no way of privately contacting them, which I have attempted to do across all platforms since I have issues with the leaderboard that I need to discuss with them.

They have DM’s disabled on Twitter, DM’s disabled on Discord, and even DM’s disabled on Twitch. If a rule of being a mod for a game is to have social media linked to your account for contact reasons I don’t think this should count since there is virtually no way to privately contact this person.

Also, the game has the incorrect title which makes it hard to search (it should be “The Lord of the Rings: THE Fellowship of the Ring (GBA)” specifically (additional “the” and inclusion of parenthesis for GBA). There are also drastic differences between emulation runs and runs on real carts, they should not be on the same leaderboard.

I actively run this game (as well as in marathons , see my pending submission) and want the ability to have full control of the leaderboard. Thanks for your time.


Forum: Snowboard Kids

Thread: Emulator advantage?

Started by: PeteDorrPeteDorr

Now that EMU runs are being shown on the leaderboard, I am just wondering if they offer any sort of unfair advantage (like lag reduction) ? Has it been tested and proven to be 100% accurate to runs on a real console for this game? I ask because I remember watching Zikana’s 52min run when I was getting into learning this speedrun and it will filled with mistakes, falls, and just not-so-good play overall. Compared to Koilro’s 52min WR (which is much cleaner) I just can’t see how Zikana’s run is barely slower than his time. I know the game has lots of RNG but if you watch both runs it seems hard to believe that Zikana’s run can be that close to Koilro’s run.

The rules say emulator runs must specify specific details about the emulator used, but none of the EMU runs on the board provide any such details.

The times for this game are already so tight/close that it will be hard to find motivation to compete against artificially advantaged times if they do provide an advantage. Maybe Emu should be in its own sub-category from consoles ?

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Forum: Splatterhouse 3

Thread: Tips for Powered Rick special move?

Started by: PeteDorrPeteDorr

I streamed this game casually tonight, was absolutely loving it up until level 5 kicked my ass for almost 2 hours straight and I gave up. I onlymade it to stage 5 boss once. I can do normal rick’s spin kick 90% of the time but powered up rick’s special is almost impossible for me. Is the timing faster or something? Are you doing 3 inputs (away, toward, away) or are you finding a way to cut out an input? Do you attack on the same frame as the final “away” input or do you stagger the attack button slightly after? Any help is appreciated.


Forum: Zoop

Thread: platform differences

Started by: stoic_rosestoic_rose

I had a time where a spring touched the center box and it sat there for a very long time (20+ seconds at least). Eventually it moved to the center and disappeared. And yeah, ps1 version gives no warning that something is touching the center edge. I’m glad it’s giving you just as hard of a time, I was worried that I’m just flat out terrible at this game.


Forum: Zoop

Thread: platform differences

Started by: stoic_rosestoic_rose

So I tried the PS1 version tonight. After giving the Genesis version a shot and failing to even beat level 9, I figured it would be easier. My god, PS1 version is brutal! The shapes move so fast that the shapes can move 2 spaces near instantly and go from 2 spots from the center to the center and give an instant game over, no time to react. Closest I got was 20 zoop clears from victory on level 10 (0 difficulty). Have any of you tried this on PS1?

All I know is I hope the SNES version (when it arrives) is a cakealk compared to Gen/PS1...


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Thread: Request leaderboard moderation

Started by: DaravaeDaravae

Game: Big Mountain 2000
Current mod name: 42
Offline for 5-6 months
Forms of contact: Inactive Youtube account only
I’m requesting to be added as a mod so I can add new Any% categories.

I would love to do speedruns of this game (I just played it on stream to know I am definitely interested) but right now there are only two categories and both of which are obscenely long and demanding for a racing game. It’s the equivalent of requiring 100% speedruns and not allowing Any% as a category when it should obviously be added. Shorter categories can be made easily, but the inactive mod never made any so in order to submit a run of this game it will require a nearly 1.5-2 hour run attempt. There are shorter categories that can be made, just like most racing game leaderboards have, thus making the run more appealing to new runners so they’re not required to spend 1.5-2 hours just to submit a run for 100%.

Yes, there are individual level leaderboards but I have no interest in individual level speedruns, my interest is only in RTA runs. I understand if my request is not approved because I don’t have a pending run but that’s because I just don’t agree with this board only allowing what are essentially long 100% runs, very off putting. Thanks for your time and consideration!


Forum: Zoop

Thread: platform differences

Started by: stoic_rosestoic_rose

I’m curious if I ever did a speedrun of the Jaguar version if it would be added as a subcategory? I was thinking of giving the Genesis version a shot (the one I remember from childhood) but if I ever had a chance to do Jaguar I might try that too.


Forum: Snowboard Kids

Thread: Region differences?

Started by: PeteDorrPeteDorr

Just curious why there are so many JP runs? Is there a gameplay difference or text speed difference somewhere that would save time?


Forum: The Site

Thread: Request leaderboard moderation

Started by: DaravaeDaravae

Requesting mod for the following two games:

Game: Toren
Reason: the only mod/super mod has been inactive for 7-8 months. All of their social media is taken offline (twitch page is empty, twitter account is deactivated.) with no other ways of getting in contact. I have run the game in the past. Might be worth just removing Mace and making me the super mod since it seems like Mace has no intentions of returning or being contacted again based on their removal of all social media.

Game: OKAGE: Shadow King
Reason: Current mod/super mod has not signed in for 5-6 months. As a way for them to never have to visit the site anymore, they made the change so that all the games they moderate no longer require verification. This is an issue for a game like OKAGE because it is a long RPG speedrun, and having WR runs get accepted without any form of verification is a problem. I am very knowledgeable on this games route/run (as I have ran it in the past) and would like to take on the responsibility of verifying any future runs and taking control of the leaderboard in general as supermod if possible.


Forum: Gitaroo Man

Thread: Split Emulator and Hardware?

Started by: PlywoodPlywood

Can anyone confirm that the only timesaves in this are in stages 5 and 10? I love this game but havent played it in a couple years. Wouldnt mind picking it up for a speedrun if there were enough ways to save time.


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Anyone up for a bounty?

Started by: emeraldalyemeraldaly

I used to run this game too (on ps4). Several of us (including Haiiskyee) tried tirelessly (for many hours between about 3 or 4 of us) to find a way into that well to skip the boss, I honestly don’t recall any of us finding a way to ACTUALLY skip it and get that well to load to the next level, which means...

It fades to black but fails to load the next level, or...
Haiiskyee really DID find a way to skip that boss (possibly after I was done running it) but my memory can’t remember if her getting it to actually load was incredibly inconsistent and deemed not safe for a run, in which case this is likely her one and only time succeeding in the skip, hence the clip.

It also so happens that I am still in contact with her, so I will let her know about this thread and hopefully she can offer some insight.

EDIT: she got back to me and said that unfortunately when she performed that skip they later found out that her “game state was messed up.” Take it for what you will but it seems like something was not working correctly (something that would have made any run using the skip illegal) at the time of the recording. That’s all we can really say/contribute to this skip.

Well, I will say that we WERE able to enter the loading well a few times (which was insanely hard to pull off) and it Refused to load the next level, so don’t go crazy trying to crack this one, unless they changed the way the well loads in the current patch it is unlikely to even load into the next level even if you touch it.

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Forum: OutRun 2

Thread: A few queries

Started by: Noobsaibot21Noobsaibot21

I don’t think we can implement high score leaderboards, like Wiz said the site doesn’t really support that yet. I think adding Japan/west as a miscellaneous category should be fine, or if they work better as an individual level leaderboard (the more likely choice) we can do that instead. Let’s wait to hear from prisoner first.