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Will there ever be a Misc. category for co-op runs? Just wondering why no one ever tries this or if there's a reason why they have not been added.


The N64 version of Perfect Dark leaderboards have mainly came from the with the difference of us adding in emulator categories. My general rule of thumb is once 2 runs are done of a category I will add it. As for why no one has done co-op runs that is a good question that I don't have an answer too lol. You and a friend can be the first if you want. Then join the Discord that is linked in this forum and maybe you can talk some one else into doing a run with a buddy of their own and once that happens I will add it.

Though if it gets enough support and no one else can do the 2nd run I will probably just add it anyways because co-op runs sounds like it should be on the leaderboards.

Sorry in advance for a long answer.

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No problem, I was considering doing at least some levels runs with a friend and I'll get on discord if we get a few runs together.


Co-op runs of the N64 version have been done a couple times in the past, but nobody really keeps track of them. The biggest problem is that co-op on N64 is so laggy it's nearly unplayable, and I don't know exactly how netplay would work out on emulator versions of the game. Here's a Crash Site SA co-op by Icy and Flickerform

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I found this:
The "WRs", updated on 2012.
Some of them are not WRs anymore (and seriously, I highly doubt Defection A 0:12 is a WR for co-op... I think even I myself have done lower than that). Another problem is that Chuya and Cedric used to have video proofs, but all of them are gone now.
You can find some proofs still on YouTube. For example:
1) Illu-Dantte Defection SA 0:23 -
2) From Boss-Clemens you can find at least 9 videos in this channel: (just scroll for videos uploaded 9 years ago).
3) Icy-Flickerform have a couple of videos uploaded as well, Crash Site SA 1:12 and PA 1:26.5.

There might be some more lost stuff in the-Elite forums archive or stuff like that.

I hope that helps.

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My friend and I just got a very nice EMU set up on his pc where it seems to not have as nearly as much lag as console for 2p. We're gonna start putting some runs together but I doubt it would beat these runs.