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Thread: Separated leaderboards PS4 / PC

Started by: PelotedeneigePelotedeneige

Hi everyone

I am posting about something that, I think, is worth looking into. With the speedrunning evolving, we observed many differences between playing on PS4 and PC, differences that tend to be discrimnatory now. The simple fact that the DPS of the blaster is higher on PC, it leads into performances that cannot be reproduced on console. The most representative example is illustrated by the hands of the Star that can be erased in the blink of an eye on PC while it requires few seconds more on PS4. Duplicate that for every bosses, with some variations depending on the boss and you will understand there is a real issue here. Because in the end, a decent run against one boss on PC can only be matched with a near-perfection run on PS4. What about a perfect run on PC ? It's simply out of reach for console players. It doesn't seem really fair, does it.

I know what you are thinking. You are gonna tell me that excellence exists on PS4 and you are completely right. Platypus and Mrlazyman are very good examples of what it is possible to do. We cannot hide ourselves behind the limitations of the console to explain our deficiencies. Of course not. Platypus' Sum Of Best is a sub 30' (29:59) which means we can do pretty good stuff. But still, performing a « simple » sub 31' or 32' is not as much accessible on PS4 than it is on PC. Leaderboards are clearly indicating that. Mistakes are allowed on PC because players can make up for it, thanks to the DPS of the blaster. We don't really have that luxury unfortunately. Angelym and Platypus have clearly the same skill and yet, they can't really compete. The only difference between them lies in the plateform they are using. That's just it. Just take the Strap, for instance. The best time we can hope for on PS4 is 3:45 according to Angelym (who would question this all mighty god ?) while Angelym's PB is 3:39. Six seconds are disappearing in the thin air.

I know that I am no one here (I just posted some « records » on few bosses and haven't published any complete run) and my request may sounds like a whim as I could appear like the guy who just want to climb up few positions in the rankings. But it is not an egotic thing and I think the « problem » deserves some attention and thoughts. We are obviously not competing on the same basis and some of our best times we may consider as bad when compared to others appear to be pretty decent all things considered.

I would like to precise that I am not either frustrated or angry or anything. I apologize if my post gave you that impression, for that and my poor english. I hope you understood what I said and wanted to express. I am also sorry for mentionning other people who maybe didn't want to be associated with any of this. I want you to know that I am only speaking for myself (but everyone who wants to speak up is welcome ^^).

La Pelote

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