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Thread: Is 100% technically impossible?

Started by: TheOceanManTheOceanMan

you have to glitch your brain into having infinite patience

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Forum: Shaman King : Master of Spirits

Thread: Notes

Started by: SoullessMidWestSoullessMidWest

Didn't use notes, sorry. Best you can do is note the route from the video.


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Thread: Mighty no. 9 speedruns (demo)

Started by: PappyPappy

Hi, i'm new to the forum here. Mighty no. 9 was just approved as a game, although the game might not be released yet we are going to list runs of the Demo version in the mean time. Here's a couple things i'm looking for:

Mighty #9 runners -> If you know someone that speedruns the demo, let them know or submit their runs for them. (I personally haven't found any other speedruns of the demo) If you want to speedrun the demo yourself then feel free to do so and submit your run; the more the merrier.

Moderators -> It's no secret that Mighty no. 9 will be a big game upon release, if anyone wants to be involved in moderating the demo runs (and in the future the full game runs) let me know; i could use the help.