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Hello everyone,

I'm the Panzer Dragoon series moderator and have been in charge of the Panzer Dragoon Zwei boards for months, and was now recently added as a Super Mod to this board also, as there were some things that I felt needed changing around and standardising.

I've changed both the rulesets for the categories and the time that each run took:

Rule changes include defining the start of the run as the player starting a new game on the title screen. Previously it was defined as "When the player gains control", which is approx. 17 seconds after this.

I've also changed the point at which time ends, which is the more important difference. Previously, time ended when the final bosses energy bar was depleted, but I do not believe this is an appropriate place to end timing for two reasons:

1. The player still has control after this point, as demonstrated in the current Normal WR when the game is paused after this point. The player could potentially fulfill that condition, then pause the game and leave it, at which point the game would never end.

2. The time between the final bosses death animation starting and the final fade-to-black is variable based on a variety of factors including position. This changes the amount of time that elapses after the boss is defeated, and as such should be treated as part of the run.

Therefore, I have decided that time should end on the final fade-to-black. At this point, the player has lost control and can do nothing to influence how quickly the game progresses. This mirrors how the rules for Panzer Dragoon Zwei are set out, which I laid out months ago. I originally thought of also using energy bar depletion as the end point but quickly noticed the same issue, that the bosses death time depends on position, so that was not an appropriate place to end the run.

The rulesets and timings of the runs have been adjusted accordingly. Please feel free to ask any questions here or get in touch with me on any of my associated social media platforms.