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Thread: Strats

Started by: KumaTheBearKumaTheBear

The WiiVC route is only possible on dolphin, which isn't legal to submit runs with. You can run a route that works on project 64 though, but it's a bit slower. I recommend joining the discord server to get help with it, but it involves doing light node SRM just like the wii route, but going into the deku tree instead, taking you to the credits. It requires a different filename though. You can find some info about it like that on MrCheeze's youtube and he has a run submitted as well, on emu, that you could follow along with.

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Thread: Glitches?

Started by: PaintSkate8PaintSkate8


Just wondering if there are any glitches or large skips discovered in this game yet, it appears to be quite dead so I'm not hopeful, but I am interested in this game's speedrun. No idea how long a classic any% run will take, but I plan on attempting one maybe soon, just to see.. Will be largely glitchless I suppose in case there are game breaking mechanics i'm not aware of. Hope I can be given some insight.