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You may ask: Is he cheating? why this looks like that? or more questions will come to your mind when you see broken cards positions, regen of health to 250, enemies weak af or 666 ammo count, here are 2, yes 2 videos showing this glitch, first one is my old video simply showing this glitch(IMPORTANT: I DO NOT claim i found it first, i simply couldnt found any info about it, if you know any, link it pls) and 2nd is David one showing it in a more proper way,( not my shit one) 1:
In runs, I use most of the cards except demon morph(pointless imo) and armour regen(couse i didnt unlock it) and if anyone have questions i will try to answer them in this tread.
Final note:
There are no set rules to use of this glitch yet, if you think same way as i do(use almost all and have fun) or you think that only specific cards should be allowed or you think that its low tier speedrun on lowest difficulty with cheats and its should be banned, pls just tell me here.